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August 2nd to August 7th 2004

MONDAY August 2
'Summer of Love' comment

How are you feeling after the weekend? For many people, the past few days have been pretty intense. I can't remember the last time we saw such a sharp alignment between two slow, heavyweight planets 'complete' within hours of the Moon growing exactly full. Saturday night's tension though, ebbed somewhat on Sunday... rather like a hangover clearing. Soon, the cosmic climate should ease up further allowing us to relax into what some people are already starting to call a 'Summer Of Love'. First, though, there's just one more powerful planetary aspect in store. I'll say more about this tomorrow.
TUESDAY August 3
Saturn and Uranus comment

Jupiter and Pluto are now exactly 90 degrees apart. When there's a right angle between two planets, people tend to see things from the wrong angle. Angles of 135 degrees have similar meaning because they are made up of a 'right angle and a half'. Saturn and Uranus are now 135 degrees apart. This double-dose of celestial tension is sure to make the next few days eventful for many of us. There's less stress in the air than there was last week... but it still may seem as if there is a storm brewing.
Influence of your Rising Sign query

Hi Jonathan,
Do you think rising signs have a major impact on someone's persona? I'm a Virgo and my rising sign is Scorpio. I like the idea of Scorpio sexiness showing through my Virgo-ness.

Dear Heather,
A rising sign is the sign that was rising over the horizon at the moment you were born. In answer to your question, I think rising signs have a minor impact. They 'flavour' our characters, much as herbs flavour good cooking. They definitely make a difference but they don't change the basic nature of the food.

Cancerian spiritual and instinctive query

Hi Jonathan
Is it normal for Cancerians to be feeling as if they have lost their spiritual and instinctive side? Mine seems to have disappeared.

Dear Mariah,
Do you remember the story about the person who met their guardian angel? She was invited to review her life as a series of footprints along a beach. "See," said the angel, wherever you walked, I walked beside you." "But look," she cried, "There, in a really bad phase of my past, I can see only one set of prints in the sand. Why did you abandon me then?" "Abandon you?" retorted the angel. "Why, that's when I was carrying you." Your 'spiritual side' may not, currently, be as lost as you fear.

FRIDAY August 6
Starting new ventures when Mercury is retrograde query

Dear Jonathan,
We are frequently told by astrologers to put off starting any new ventures when Mercury is retrograde. I am about to get a mortgage and we will be sealing the deal on Monday, the very day that Mercury turns retrograde. What should I do?
Yours sincerely

Dear Anne Marie,
When Mercury changes direction in the sky, energies alter and atmospheres change. But it is by no means true to say that deals ought not to be done under such an influence. In my view, Monday is deeply auspicious for the signing of your new mortgage.

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