Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

August 23rd to August 28th 2004

MONDAY August 23
Moon Neptune email

Dear Jonathan,
I am fascinated to discover that Neptune is no longer a planet without satellites. When a Moon is discovered around a planet, how does that change your view of it?

Dear Sandra,
It may not mean much in terms of day-to-day astrological forecasting but it says a lot about our changing world. Moons represent "collective consciousness". Neptune is the 'oil' planet. I predict that soon, more people than ever, all across the world, will become conscious of something. They will finally start to see what an unhealthy, expensive and quite unnecessary addiction we all have, to oil and other fossil fuels. We'll soon become much less blind to the way we waste energy..

TUESDAY August 24
Sun sign cusp email

Dear Jonathan,
I was born on August 23. I know I am definitely a Virgo because I checked my year of birth with an astrologer. But if I am 'only just a Virgo', do your forecasts apply as much?

I am a Taurean born on May 6; right in the middle of the sign. Will the daily prediction mean more to me than someone born within the first or last few days of Taurus?

Dear Mike and Joanne,
Are people from Inverness any more, or less, Scottish than people born in Dumfries? Well then, there's your answer!

Mercury Retrograde email

Dear Jonathan,
When Mercury is retrograde, communication is supposed to be impaired. So, why do my husband and I seem to have our best conversations at such times.
Thanks, Lilian

Dear Lilian,
You also tell me in your letter that you are a Leo and your husband is an Aquarian. Both these signs like to challenge the rulebook. Some astrologers might say that this is why your experience is different. But I don't think you are so exceptional. In my view, when people describe the meaning of Mercury moving backwards, they paint far too dark a picture.

THURSDAY August 26
Spiritual awareness email

Dear Jonathan,
Some people seem to believe that a new spiritual awareness is emerging all over the earth. Others seem equally sure that civilisation is degenerating. What's your opinion?

Dear Anna,
I try not to have opinions. I find they get in the way of my ability to predict with impartiality. But I suspect both beliefs are valid. Why do they have to be mutually exclusive? Enormous change undoubtedly lies ahead for us all. The planet is surely becoming more 'spiritually aware'. As this happens, some old structures and orders are sure to disintegrate and then reform differently.

FRIDAY August 27
No thought for the Day

SATURDAY August 28
No thought for the Day


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