Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

December 27th to December 31st 2004

MONDAY December 27
Natural disaster predictions comment

Few astrologers like to make predictions about volcanoes, tornados or earthquakes. There's no pleasure in being right... nor is there much chance that a timely warning, issued in advance, will make any difference. We are all aware though, that there have now been two Christmas earthquakes in a row. Those who say we are due to see many more such events in the next decade may have their fears compounded by the events of 2005. But I still maintain that, seen over a longer period of time, this will be an exception, not the start of a new trend.

TUESDAY December 28
Earthquake comment by Enzo Boschi

Enzo Boschi believes the whole planet shook after Sunday’s earthquake. He feels it even had an impact on the earth's rotation. I have no reason to doubt the head of the Italian Institute of Geophysics. Nor do I doubt that the earthquake has triggered another wave; of psychological reaction all over the globe. An unimaginably vast amount of energy has been released. Our minds may never be able to grasp this or to fully understand the tragedy it has led to. Our hearts and souls though, can already sense that it means something profound. I shall say more tomorrow.

WEDNESDAY December 29
Sedna, goddess of the ocean comment

Last year, scientists announced the discovery of a new planet; a small distant object way past Pluto. We astrologers have been watching it carefully ever since, in an attempt to understand the message that it has for us and the influence it exerts. The planet is called Sedna after the Inuit goddess of the ocean. The ancients believed that when this goddess was hurt or upset, the waves would rise up to create terrible storms. If you cast a chart for December 26, when the dreadful earthquake took place, you'll find Sedna 'live' and 'hot' in the planetary picture.

THURSDAY December 30
The whole Earth comment

Some people believe the whole Earth is just a single living entity. But is it 'animal, mineral or vegetable'? How much 'conscious intent' does nature have? Ought we to think of our planet as a living creature? Might that creature actually have a consciousness, an intelligence... and an agenda? Over countless centuries, many people have made enemies of one another, for which a terrible price is still being paid. After the earthquake, it is hard not to wonder whether, through our callous disregard for the environment, we humans are now starting to make an enemy of the earth itself?

FRIDAY December 31
The Earth's birthday

Think of the sky as a giant merry-go-round. The Sun is like the bit in the middle, where the organ pipes play. The earth is one of the horses, bobbing up and down (or, rather, spinning around) as it travels in circles. When we celebrate our birthday, we are counting the number of times we have been round the ride. New Year is supposedly the 'Earth's birthday' although I think it's a silly date to count from. Better astrological alternatives exist. I may mention this to Jools Holland (a UK television show) on BBC2 tonight, if there's time between all that lovely music.


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