Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

February 2nd to February 7th 2004

MONDAY February 2
Uranus / Pisces 'fringe' practices comment

Dear Jonathan,
I recently heard about a Danish hospital that uses music to reduce the need for anaesthetic during surgery. I thought, 'Already? Uranus has only just moved into Pisces!'
Love and Peace, Alison
Dear Alison,
Uranus does indeed rule technology - whilst alternative, mystical processes are very 'Piscean'. More 'fringe' practices will find their way into the mainstream over the next seven years. We can also expect sudden change (Uranus) within large institutions (Pisces). The more established an organisation, the more likely it is to face upheaval. The BBC today, the NHS, prison service and legal system tomorrow.
TUESDAY February 3
No Thought for the Day

WEDNESDAY February 4
Gemini Pisces relationship comment

The big hit on TV in the UK at the moment, is "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here" in which a famous topless model appears to be developing a hot relationship with a pop star whose last hit was quite some while ago. Apparently, when she was growing up she had his picture on her wall.... Does Jordan the Gemini really have a future with Peter the Pisces? The planets suggest it is possible though when it comes to love, people born under both signs are notoriously quixotic. One moment, they pulse with passion and burn with desire... the next they can be more calculating than a queen of cleavage... or more dispiritingly distant than a hit for some forgotten pop singer. Please don't get me wrong. Neither Geminis nor Pisceans are insincere. It's just that where most of us are a little shy about letting the world know our deepest secrets, people born under these signs will open up like a flower on a bright sunny day... only to close up, just as fast, under the sudden nightfall of a new mood. They may not wear their hearts on their sleeves but they certainly aren't afraid to show their emotions. Or, rather, they are happy to show the emotions it suits them to show. If you want to know what's truly going on you have to dig a lot deeper, past all that 'openness' and 'accessibility'. You also have to break through the "I'm-cool-with-anything" barrier. Pisces and Gemini are both what astrologers call Mutable signs. Virgo and Sagittarius belong to the same group. People born under all four signs tend to thrive on the challenge of change. Or, at least, they CLAIM to do this. They'll SAY that they are happy with just about any arrangement, suggestion or proposition. Yet under the surface they can be a lot more set in their ways than they would ever admit. To say nothing of a lot more shy, secretive, self-protective, picky, fussy, resentful and reserved. That's why Mutable people have to be so careful in love. They often experience intense, instant attraction... but for the relationship to have any chance of lasting, it has to develop depth, strength and meaning. It also has to be tested in a more ordinary environment. Both Jordan and Peter are now keenly conscious of the need to keep flirtation on the right side of safety. They are well aware of being in full public view. They may well need to remember what another celebrity couple found out in a similar outdoor idyll, thousands of years ago. Forbidden fruit always seems far more appealing than the type you can take from the tree at any time.
If Jordan and Peter ever do get past the 'first phase' of their relationship, they may eventually reach the point where they become a proper couple..
THURSDAY February 5
Full Moon comment

If you look at your diary or calendar, it will probably tell you that the Full Moon is tomorrow. Technically, that's correct. But the Moon will actually be Full during the day. So by tomorrow evening, it will be 'just past Full'. In astrology, it is usually the period just prior to a planetary alignment becoming 'complete' that turns out to be most potent and influential. So, as tonight is the last night in which the Moon is still 'growing full', tonight will be the time to watch out for werewolves, avoid vampires... and to make sure that you've got GPS working properly on your broomstick!
FRIDAY February 6
Travelling "as the crow flies" comment

I have heard of Full Moon madness, but this latest news story is ridiculous. Birds follow the road network when they are trying to find their way? I don't believe it... but scientists claim to have proof. And nowadays a scientist with 'proof' carries more authority than a priest with a hand-written note from God himself. What a disappointing side effect of 'progress'. Now, it is not just humans who have grown out of touch with life's natural rhythms but animals too. And, never again will we be able to talk about travelling "as the crow flies".
SATURDAY February 7
No Thought for the Day


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