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February 16th to February 21st 2004

MONDAY February 16
Uri Geller UK Reality TV Show comment

On Valentine's Day I wrote about how people who are close don't have to agree about everything. It's true for friends, as well as lovers. I advised Uri Geller NOT to do that first series of UK reality TV show, 'I'm A celebrity...' We still differ about whether it was a good idea. So, understandably, he didn't even bother asking me about his latest crazy venture in to the world of reality TV. Once again, I shall be watching with gritted teeth. But, no matter what occurs, I remain as fond of him as ever. I admire the way he can be bravely outspoken to the point of tactlessness. I respect, too, his loyalty to people and causes that seem to be hopelessly beyond redemption to the rest of us. Think what you will, Uri is a totally unpretentious man whose heart is undoubtedly in the right place. And he really does bend those spoons with nothing but the power of his mind!
TUESDAY February 17
Leap Year - Extra Day comment

How often do you feel that there just isn't enough time to get everything done? What if someone was to give you , not just a few more hours, but a whole extra day? Later this month we are going to get our first February 29 since 2000. I want to start a campaign to encourage people, all over the world, to do something special with that rare gift of time.
WEDNESDAY February 18
Leap Year - True Astrological Days comment

Why do we have leap years? Because true astronomical days are only 23 hours, 56 minutes and a few seconds long. If you add up the difference, you can see that 'real time' slips by more than half an hour, every ten days. No wonder so many of us constantly feel tired. Our body clocks are governed by a precise, natural rhythm, played out by the turning of the earth. The clocks on our walls, meanwhile, are forcing us to follow a much more arbitrary, artificial pattern. So we are all, forever, subtly 'jet lagged'.
THURSDAY February 19
Children out of their bodies by Rupert Sheldrake

Every week I ask readers for information and I am very grateful for the feedback I have been getting, excellent in quality and quantity. I read all the letters and emails myself, and my colleague Pam Smart puts them on to my database, where they are a great help in my research.
At the end of January I asked for stories about out of the body experiences, and received dozens of fascinating accounts. About half the people who wrote to me said these had first happened in childhood. When Helen, in Bristol, was eight, she says, "I slipped out of my body and floated up to the ceiling where I could then look down at the room. I used to be very scared that I would just float away through the ceiling". Her father used to sit with her holding her hand to reassure her that she was anchored to her bed. Other parents were less understanding. When she was ten, Jeanie used to go out of her body when she was playing the piano and sit on top of it watching herself! Her mother was very dismissive when she told her.
Yvonne was abused as a child, and says, "I often had out of the body experiences to get away from what was happening. I can remember the particular place on the ceiling where I went."
Many people had lucid dreams as children, dreams in which they knew they were dreaming, in which they could fly wherever they wanted in a way that "felt good", was "thrilling" or "truly ecstatic." I myself had many flying dreams as a child. I loved the feeling of freedom they gave me. I suspect many children fly in their dreams, whether lucid or not. Most lose this ability as they grow up, but some people can still fly as adults.
Those of us who are parents can help our children by letting them talk to us about their experiences out of the body, or about their flying dreams. I plan to write about adults' out of the body experiences another week.
FRIDAY February 20
Global Warming Email

Dear Jonathan,
I am getting very concerned about the news stories I keep reading, concerning melting ice caps and rising world temperatures. What's your take on global warming? How worried should we be? Mary
Dear Mary,
We should be as worried as we were in the sixties, about nuclear war, or in the seventies about a population explosion, or in the eighties, about aids, or in the nineties about a giant meteor colliding with the earth. All these things are real threats. They lessen when we worry about them enough to take constructive action. We DO need to worry now about the environment. But as long as we do worry, things will be (by and large) OK.
SATURDAY February 21
Discovery of a compressed white dwarf star - a diamond in the sky comment

"Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky..." Jane Taylor penned this memorable song back in 1806. Like many Librans, she had a natural ability to weave enchanting spells of lasting power. Her words took on new meaning this week, when astronomers announced the discovery of a compressed white dwarf star in the constellation of Centaurus. It truly is a diamond in the sky. It has a core of crystallised carbon that stretches for 3000 kilometres. The biggest jewel on Earth is the Star Of Africa which weighs in at 530 carats. This star though, is about 10 billion trillion trillion carats. To an astrologer, the meaning is crystal clear. We ALL now have the potential to become multi-millionaires. Will anyone ever manage to make a space ship powerful enough to go out and mine that diamond? You can bet on it! Will we be any the happier if we do? That's not so certain. If we DO bring back diamonds in that quantity, they'll end up being no more valuable than glass beads. Then we will have to find something else to lust after, kill for - and keep a painfully primitive, soul destroyingly selfish financial system alive with. People starve, not because there is insufficient food in this world but because there is insufficient will to get it shared out. This new discovery is telling us that we should all stop being so tight... because our universe contains all the wealth we could ever want... and more besides. And to get it, we don't actually have to make a space craft. We just have to alter our attitude and have more faith in the notion that prosperity is possible. So er... with this in mind, here's wishing you good luck in the lottery tonight. For the six best numbers to play, based on your exact date of birth, you can make a quick call 0906 60 12345. But for success to have any meaning, you'll need to do something a little trickier. You'll need to get in touch - and stay in touch - with the highest part of your heart!


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