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January 5th to January 10th 2004

MONDAY January 5
New Year's Eve email comment

Dear Jonathan,
On New Year's Eve, at midnight, I will go outside and wish for all to have Good Health. I will say 'good health' as to me this means everyone having enough to eat, clean water, a safe roof over their heads and freedom. I believe in the power of collective thought so I would like all who wish for the same to join me. Will you pass the message on please?

Dear Dorothea,
Er... um... due to a little problem with my e-mail, I didn't get your message till yesterday. But that's OK. The universe is not so deaf that it needs us all to 'shout out loud at once' before it can hear us... any more than it is so insensitive that it requires us to articulate in words, what we inwardly feel at a deeper level. I'm with you in your wish. As I am sure, many other readers are too. That's all that matters.

P.S. A well-deserved link to Chicken Shed Theatre Company - Excellence without exclusion.

TUESDAY January 6
Western Astrology versus Chinese Astrology email comment

Dear Jonathan
My partner is Pisces with Scorpio rising and I am Pisces with Sagittarius rising. We are a day apart 11th and 12th March in different years. It all looks lovely in western astrology yet in Chinese astrology we are snake and dog who do not gel at all. I know we create our own reality but these fundamental things should all agree really. Do you have anything to say about the discrepancies between eastern and western astrology? Karen

Dear Karen,
Both types of astrology are vastly over-simplified by the mass media... but at least you know about rising signs in Western astrology. Similar notions exist in the Eastern system. As we approach the Chinese and Tibetan New Year, in a couple of weeks, I shall try to get an expert in this tradition to explain more.

Year of the Quickening comment

You can't judge a book by looking at the cover... and you can't judge a year by its first few days. That's what they say. They may well be right. But sometimes, you can get a distinct flavour of what's in store. Events in the news, all through the holiday season, have alerted us to the fact that in 2004, things will really start to happen a whole lot faster.
Think, for example, about Britney and Jason. They got themselves married and divorced in one whirlwind weekend. There's a clue to the speed at which things may yet alter for many of us during the hectic year ahead. Now, I know what you're thinking. They are both young. They got hopelessly drunk. It doesn't prove anything. Nor, even, does the fact that she's an impulsive Sagittarian and he's a wildly idealistic Libran. Ah... but even so, I firmly predict that Jason and Britney have a very long future as a couple. They will yet renew their vows. They were merely experiencing an urge that all of us, in 2004, will come to know well. The desperate need to do what, up until now, it has not seemed acceptable or allowable to do.
This is a year during which it will prove all-but impossible for any of us to repress a burning desire, hide a vital secret... or to hold back an essential process. Now at the risk of sounding like a clairvoyant, I reckon know what you are thinking... again. You think we are already living through a time of amazing rapid change. Absolutely. You are right. But er... you ain't seen nothing yet.
As long prophesied by ancient seers and sages, a time of 'Quickening' has finally come upon us. By this, I really don't mean the way in which e-mails have replaced faxes... or the latest generation of mobile phones have taken over. I am talking about a quickening of consciousness... and a speeding up of life's learning process. Once upon a time, we could perform an act in one decade, spend another pretending that it never happened - and then slowly face up to it some thirty years later. Now, for young and old alike, it all happens in months.
Tony Blair has already had a taste of this. His big lie about weapons of mass destruction was supposed to last for years. But it got exposed within weeks. And just as politicians, the whole world over, are starting to find that the truth cannot be suppressed, so paedophiles are discovering that the past is catching up with them. As, slowly, are all whose intent is anything less than entirely pure. Astrologers have always known that one day, such a time would come. So too, have philosophers and visionaries. John and Yoko, back in the sixties, made the point most clearly. 'Instant Karma's gonna get you' they warned. Well, this year, one way or another it is going to get us all! And that's really wonderful news.
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THURSDAY January 8
Uranus Pisces comment

Remember the days before the internet? the world was very different then. It is hard to believe how quickly we have all learned to surf the web and e-mail one another. That change swept across the globe when Uranus, the planet of technological innovation, entered Aquarius - back in the mid-nineties. This year a whole new trend will be revealed as the heavenly magician moves on once more. This time it is entering Pisces, the most mystical zodiac sign. Over the next seven years people will begin to find and develop their inner psychic powers as never before. I have many more predictions to make on this topic, but, meanwhile, we have the internationally-acclaimed scientist and researcher, Rupert Sheldrake, with another of his fascinating insights into the gift of natural intuition... click here to read his article.
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FRIDAY January 9
Mars comment

Have you seen those amazing pictures from the space probe that recently landed on Mars? I can't be sure what the landscape tells us but I read great significance into the fact that there is now a camera on the surface of the planet. Mars traditionally governs conflict, battle, anger, passion, stress and strife. These are forces that have plagued us all for thousands of years, albeit that they have also given life much colour and drama in that time. Somehow now, there's hope that, as we begin to learn more about the red planet, we may learn to 'better understand' those impulses within ourselves.
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SATURDAY January 10
No Thought for the Day published


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