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July 5th to July 10th 2004

Similar traits for sun signs comment

I gave a little speech the other day to a gathering of about a hundred people. Afterwards someone asked, 'How can you claim that a twelfth of the population have similar traits?' I said, 'Look, for example, in this room there won't be anyone born under Aries because we have been talking for over an hour and they just can't sit still that long.' Then I asked, 'Is anyone here an Aries?' There really wasn't a single one! Emboldened by this, I said, 'And you can always tell the Capricorns, they are the ones taking notes.' A man in the corner who had been scribbling away busily, stood up, turned bright red and said, 'I am a Capricorn!' Astrology's good when it works.
Three Animal Totems for Scorpio email - Part 4

Dear Jonathan,
I read in a book, many years ago, that Scorpio is the only sign to be symbolised by three different animal totems. Scorpions 'transmute' into eagles who, if they rise high enough, become doves.
Best wishes, Lisa

Dear Jonathan, I think you will find that Scorpios can be represented by 'grey lizards' as well as eagles. To me this makes a lot of sense.
Regards, Andy

Dear Jonathan,
I have heard people say that the bird that symbolises Scorpio is not an eagle but a phoenix, rising up from the ashes of crisis.
Yours etc., Amanda

Oh dear, what have I started?

Is Your Sign - Your Sign for Life?

Dear Jonathan,
I'm a Capricorn and over fifty. I have been told that people of my age and older ought to read the next zodiac sign along. Please advise.

Dear Rebecca,
Many astrologers use a technique called "progression". It assumes that the planetary positions we were born with creep forward over time. I don't personally find value in that particular idea. I believe your sign is your sign for life. Especially so with Capricorns, for people born under this sign of the sea-goat are like fine wines. The more they mature, the better they get.

Cassini Spacecraft email query

Dear Jonathan,
Have you seen those stunning pictures that are now being transmitted back from the Cassini spacecraft? Is there an astrological meaning to their sudden appearance?
Thanks, Judith

Dear Judith,
Some people feel that everything in the sky has an influence on us. Even satellites and space shuttles, they believe, can alter our lives when flying overhead. This theory is especially popular among the hippies of Totnes, in Devon. Saturn's current alignment with the earth and Sun, though, IS the reason why the scientists chose this particular time to make the closest approach.

Twin comets email query

Hi Jonathan,
I thought there were supposed to be twin comets this year. Have I missed them?
Thanks, Bob

Dear Bob,
We can predict, thousands of years in advance, where a planet will be and how bright it will seem. Comets though, are erratic and quixotic. In April and May, twins were indeed expected. I saw one of them, fleetingly, during a trip to Australia. But the big show never materialised. Given the disruption that comets portend, that's probably just as well. Comets mean far less if they cannot be seen so the future now looks brighter than it did..

Mars Opposes Neptune comment

This is a great week for dream-weavers and spell-casters. MARS opposes NEPTUNE. If you are born under ARIES this bring you closer to the fulfilment of a fantasy. For PISCEANS it represents tension followed by change. LEOS and AQUARIANS can also expect a time of excitement and confusion leading eventually to inspiration.


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