Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

June 21st to June 26th 2004

MONDAY June 21
Sunrise at Stonehenge

By the time you read this I will be asleep, I hope. The Sun rose over Stonehenge this morning at around 4.58am and I went there to greet it. My daughter Jessica, meanwhile, went to the circle of stones at Avebury while other friends, further North, travelled to Callanish. None of us are Druids or Pagans. It's just that on this day of the turning point in the Sun's yearly journey, we like to do what the people of this land have always done. There's something deeply inspiring about staying up through the shortest night, to usher in the longest day!
The influence of Mercury

If it's your birthday today: There'll be many pleasant surprises in the year ahead. Your mind may begin to feel like a computer that has been fitted with extra memory and a faster processor. Mercury's influence will help you understand more, about the past and the present. All this will give you a much greater sense of choice and power over the future. Many of the coming events will help to justify this confidence.
Eagle or Scorpion for Scorpio

Dear Jonathan,
I was born in early November. Why is my prediction shown beneath a picture of an eagle and not a Scorpion?
Dear Amanda,
Out of the whole zodiac, Scorpio gets the worst press. Astrologers paint a harsh picture of this sign and link it to a creepy crawly. But Eagles also have a traditional association with this part of the sky and I think Scorpios have far more in common with this noble bird. I am though, willing to listen to anyone who has a strong objection if they care to drop me a line. Email (with subject heading: Scorpio)
Tree Pirates Scorpio sculpture

Some people believe there is no such thing as coincidence. I am beginning to suspect they may have a point. Yesterday, I wrote why Scorpio really ought to be the sign of the Eagle. Then, I set off to Glastonbury Festival for my annual mudbath. Right at the entrance to 'The Green Fields' (where I will be speaking on Saturday afternoon) I came face to face with a 25 foot high challenge to my point of view. 'The Tree Pirates' always build something pretty spectacular for the festival but how odd that this year, they should choose that particular image.
FRIDAY June 25
Eagle or Scorpion for Scorpio - Part 2

I'm still reflecting on my recent encounter with a 25 foot high Scorpion. How odd that I should come across this giant wooden sculpture, just hours after suggesting that the sign of Scorpio deserves a less 'edgy' symbol. I have already had several emails from people born under this influence. Some agree with my preference for the image of an eagle. Others argue vehemently against it. We'll continue the debate next week. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying a few days of music, mud and magic at Glastonbury Festival. But, I'm still writing forecasts, in a motor home, on a solar powered laptop!
Exciting times for Capricorn, Aries and Scorpio

Exciting times lie ahead for CAPRICORN. The Moon is soon due to grow full in this sign and that will raise hope as well as blood pressure! Those born under ARIES and SCORPIO can also expect a tense time, for Mars and Pluto are forming a sharp angle. If you encounter stress or even distress soon, relax, no matter what sign you are. It will soon blow over.


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