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March 22nd to March 27th 2004

MONDAY March 22
Will Sedna be "given" to a sign comment

Some signs are "ruled" by the same planet. Mercury governs Gemini and Virgo. Venus belongs equally to Libra and Taurus. There used to be a lot more sharing going on. Sagittarius and Pisces were Jupiter's domain until Neptune turned up for the sign of the fish. Saturn covered Capricorn and Aquarius till 1781 when Uranus rapidly associated itself with the water bearer. Scorpio and Aries were "Martian" till the last century, when Pluto helped turn the Scorpion into the eagle. Many readers want to know if Sedna will eventually be "given" to a sign. I'll say more tomorrow.
TUESDAY March 23
Sedna ruler of a zodiac sign comment

Yesterday I suggested that the new planet Sedna may eventually become the ruler of a zodiac sign. Several people have already raised an eyebrow. How, they wonder, will such a decision be made. and by who? Astrologers though, don't work in isolation nor, contrary to popular belief, do we compete with one another. We actually form a close international community and we keep in touch all the time to share knowledge and insight. Our members are now eagerly discussing the new arrival and we expect to reach a consensus within the next few years.
The name of a new planet comment

Dear Jonathan,
I don't understand why astrologers are reading so much significance into the name of the new planet. Astronomers called it Sedna but they could just as easily have called it Hunca Munca, Bacon, Codswallop or anything.
Yours doubtfully, Catherine

Dear Catherine,
Ah, but they didn't. Regardless of what their conscious minds may have been thinking at the time, those scientists were inwardly led to this name by the 'universal unconscious'. Sedna surfaced from this sea of shared human dreams and visions, rather like a long forgotten Inuit goddess, urging us all to rethink our relationship with nature.

Journeys out of the body by Rupert Sheldrake

In January I wrote about lucid dreams, in which people become aware that they are dreaming. These dreams are similar to out-of-the-body experiences.
All of us have dreams. We also all have dream bodies that seem to be separate from our physical bodies, which are asleep in bed. Are lucid dreams just a clearer version of normal dreams? Or can people really travel in their dreams and see what is happening in the real world? Dozens of readers say they have found they can. Norma in Farnborough was living with her parents, and one Friday night went to bed when they were out, and went to sleep. She says she found herself walking back home with them. "I kept trying to attract their attention. But they were not aware of my presence. When they got home, I watched as my mum started to cook a fry-up while wearing a fur coat." Her mother confirmed this the next day.
Becky told me that a man friend of hers was at a meditation retreat and when meditating decided to try to visit her. He said that he left his body and travelled to her home, and accurately described what he saw there. Becky says she saw him too: "He was standing in my hall and looked right at me."
When her father was dying of cancer hundreds of miles away, Linda had a dream in which she saw herself in his hospital room sitting on his bed. They talked for a while, and then her father said it was all right to let go and closed his eyes. She left. The next day her sister rang to say their father had died during the night. Linda described the room to her in detail, which she had never seen or heard about. She told me, "I know to this day that I was in that room with my father when he died."
Some people believe such things are impossible. But how can they be so sure? We understand very little about our dream bodies and their relationship to physical space.
Rupert Sheldrake would like to know about lucid dreams that seem to involve travelling up into the sky. Email Rupert Sheldrake's researcher, with subject heading: Rupert Sheldrake.
NEW Rupert's book The Sense of Being Stared At has just been published in paperback in the USA and Canada (Random House, US$13.95) The Sense of Being Stared At : And Other Unexplained Powers of the Human Mind. His website is:
FRIDAY March 26
Best chance to see Mercury by Bernard Fitzwalter

Bernard Fitzwalter writes: This week and next give us our best chance of the year well, until late December, anyway to see Mercury. Mercury is the smallest of the visible planets, and never far from the sun, which means that he is hard to see. By the time the sun has set and the stars have come out, Mercury has usually set as well, and is invisible. At the other end of the day, if he rises before the sun then he will only be visible for a short while before the sun itself rises, and it then becomes impossible to see the little planet in the glare of daylight.
Mercury's role in mythology is closely related to his behaviour in the sky. When he is a herald or a messenger for the gods, it is the same as when he rises before the sun, announcing the arrival of the new day. When he leads souls to the underworld, it is the same as when he leads the rest of the constellations in setting, following the sun to the realms of darkness.
The best chance to see Mercury is when he is as far from the sun as he can get, before his path starts to loop back in towards the sun again, and that means during the next few days, any time between seven and eight in the evening. Watch for Venus coming out in the west as soon as the sun goes down, and remember the exact spot on the horizon where the sun sets, from wherever you happen to be. Draw a thin imaginary line between Venus and the sunset point. You will notice that there are no bright stars on this line at all except just one, about two thirds of the way down. That's Mercury. If you don't catch him, try again the next night and try to stand in an open space so that you get a clear view of the horizon. Hard, I know, but Mercury isn't called quicksilver for nothing, you have to be determined to track him down.

Feeling worried about the future? Try this. If you face south after sunset, you will have Venus on your right and Jupiter on your left, both clear and bright. Two planets of good fortune, one on each side of you, doesn't that make you feel better?

What are your chances of winning the lottery?

According to the experts, they are about 14 million to one. "If," they argue, "you play once a week, you could expect a win after 270,000 years." Certain people love to spout this kind of statistical gobbledegook. They tend to be the same sort of smart alecs who insist that is not possible to be in two places at once. Someone ought to tell them about 'entangled particles'. These are tiny little things that you can only see under an electron microscope, yet they are currently confounding physicists the world over. They are totally separate yet they act as if they are one and the same... even if they are miles apart. This is not because they are 'invisibly connected' it is because they share the very same identity. Is your head starting to hurt? It ought to... because it is completely illogical. Yet it happens to be totally true.

Einstein knew all about this. He called it 'Spooky action at a distance'. Caslav Brukner of the University of Vienna has recently made the whole thing spookier still. He has proven that MOMENTS OF TIME can be entangled too. Change something in the future and you can alter the past. To someone like me, this makes all the sense in the world. Finally, science is catching up with astrology. That's very satisfying, the more so because it means that the new planet is doing what it is supposed to do and forcing us all to think the unthinkable. Teleportation makes perfect scientific sense. So too does time travel! So you can continue to believe in that old, depressing 'gospel of statistical probability' if you want to but the new planet Sedna appears to suggest that we may all be about to get entangled with a particle of something very fortunate in our own future.


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