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May 10th to May 15th 2004

Thanks to Eric Francis and Uri Geller link

Thanks again to Eric Francis for doing such a wonderful job in my absence. He raised some fascinating topics about which I will say more this week. Meanwhile, today we have the living legend, Uri Geller, with a story about his new 'neighbour' - click here.
Iraq comment

Many people are feeling anxious about the situation in Iraq. The country appears to be no more peaceful now than it was before the war. By all accounts the 'good guys' have behaved every bit as badly as the 'merciless torturers' they were supposed to be getting rid of. It does all seem very shocking, yet actually, this sobering situation offers hope to all who pray for peace. It highlights the stupidity, futility and hypocrisy of war. The planets suggest we may soon have even more lessons to learn about the relationship between arrogance and aggression.
Mark Winter 'kinesiology' link

This week Mark Winter looks at the fascinating topic of kinesiology - click here.
Anticipating meetings by Rupert Sheldrake

Andreas was recently visiting Paris with his wife. He told me, "Walking through the streets we thought of a close student friend of mine in London. We wondered how he was nowadays since I hadn't heard from him for 20 years. Shortly after, on going round a corner, we bumped straight into him."

Several other people have told me of experiences like this. For example, Anne says, "I often think of someone who I don't see very often and then run into that very person."

What is going on in cases like these? Of course some could be mere coincidences, but some might be more than that.

Are these examples of telepathy? This seems unlikely, because the other people are not usually thinking about the person who meets them. The situation is very different from telephone telepathy, which I wrote about earlier this year. Typically, one person who wants to call another is thinking about that person before actually making the call, and during this period the other person may start thinking about the caller.

Anticipating meetings seems more likely to involve precognition, knowing or feeling what is about to happen. No one knows how precognition works, but there is good evidence that it exists.

Some people, especially hunters, anticipate encounters with animals. Barry used to work as a wildlife ranger for the Forestry Commission, where one of his duties was to control the deer population. He had to walk up and down the paths in plantations looking for deer to shoot. He told me, "I could come to an intersection and I would not even take the rifle from my shoulder, but before I arrived at the next intersection, some strange feeling told me that there would be deer there. This peculiar sensation proved correct again."

Anglers sometimes know when they are about to catch a fish. Chris Yates related an impressive example recently on Radio 4. He said he just knew he was going to catch a particularly large carp, and then he did so. Other fisherman have similar tales to tell, not necessarily tall stories.
Rupert Sheldrake would like to hear from readers who have anticipated meetings with people or animals. Email Rupert Sheldrake's researcher, with subject heading: Rupert Sheldrake.
NEW Rupert's book The Sense of Being Stared At has just been published in paperback in the USA and Canada (Random House, US$13.95) The Sense of Being Stared At : And Other Unexplained Powers of the Human Mind. His website is:

Will astrology be proven by science? by Eric Francis

Must scientists go to the moon to prove astrology is true?
Jonathan writes: While I was on holiday recently, Eric Francis stood in for me. He proved very popular with many readers, so much so that I have invited him to sit in this space every Friday for a while, answering readers' questions. He begins today by tackling one of the toughest issues that an astrologer ever has to explain.

Do you think astrology will ever be proven by science?
Sally, Manchester

Eric Francis writes: Astrology came first. When people attempt to mix astrology and science I am always reminded of things like whether technicians will be able to prove that a painting is beautiful or that a symphony is emotionally moving. And let's say they can. Who really cares? Why do people need to have proof of everything? Proof is not a substitute for faith, or for imagination. If you ask me what makes astrology significant is whether it is personally meaningful to an individual. Astrology also does something that is beyond the reach of orthodox science: it deals with unique situations. By definition, something must be replicable in order to be established by science, and the best things in life happen just once. Astrology is mysticism. It is about curiosity. It is part of the search for meaning in life; thank God something is.
Eric Francis will be answering reader questions on this page over the next few Fridays. Write to him if you have any burning issues or insatiable curiosities. He is currently based in London. You may address both questions and inquiries to Eric at For a fascinating experience, visit Eric's web page at

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