Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

November 8th to November 13th 2004

MONDAY November 8
Saturn Mars comment

Have you had a stressful weekend? Are you starting to feel as if life is too difficult or frustrating? Saturn, over the past few days, has been forming a tense alignment to Mars. That has created a lot of pressure for a lot of people, as has the fact that Saturn is 'changing direction'. It may only be an optical illusion but in the language of astrology, it's a big deal to have the planet of restriction 'rewriting the rules'. I'm not promising that everything will be perfect from today onwards... but we should start to see some improvements.

TUESDAY November 9
Five-pointed tar email

Dear Jonathan,
I thought all those five-pointed star patterns were supposed to be symbols of hope and peace. How can that be, given all that's happening now?

Dear Andrea,
There are due to be three perfect planetary pentagrams and we have only had two so far. The last does not occur till November 25. Even then, we need to remember that they are portents. They speak of what's to come, not of what's going on now. There may seem to be a tide of trouble rising all around the world... but it can yet be quelled.

WEDNESDAY November 10
Forecast accuracy email

Hi Jonathan,
Until recently your forecasts described my moods, difficulties and blessings accurately. Then they were a bit 'off' for a few weeks. Now they seem to be back on track again. I've had my ups and downs, but funnily enough it's during the 'downs' that the readings didn't fit. Can you explain?

Dear Vicki,
I have my theories about why some readers experience this sometimes. Perhaps in your case, it is because I always try to look on the upside. But would it really have been better if during those downs, I had taken a pessimistic tone?

THURSDAY November 11
Planetary pentagram email

Dear Jonathan,
Since the planets formed that pentagram pattern last month, things have gone crazy for myself and my friends. I thought it was supposed to be an auspicious alignment?

Dear Natalie,
You can't judge a book by looking at its cover. Nor can you judge a long lasting astrological influence by the first reaction that it triggers. Trouble will often make its way past our guard and into our lives by pretending to be an opportunity. Opportunity also has a habit of arising in disguise. You now think that you are encountering trouble... but just give it a little more time.

FRIDAY November 12
Fatehpur Sikri comment

I remain fascinated by the pentagram pattern that the planets have formed twice in the past few weeks. I am particularly keen to discover more about the deserted city of Fatehpur Sikri. This amazing place was founded in India by the Moghul Emperor Akbar under the last pentagram, in 1571. Apparently, it was dedicated to a vision of harmony between all the different religions of the world. There are a host of mysteries associated with this city and, I am beginning to discover, some ancient prophecies too. Experts disagree about what these all mean, so, next week, I am going to find out for myself.

SATURDAY November 13
No Thought for the Day


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