Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

September 20th to September 25th 2004

MONDAY September 20
Earth Sun sign email

Hi Jonathan
I am a Capricorn. It came to me last night that: Fire is only ever fire; Air is only ever air; Water is more varied, it can form rain or sea. Earth, though, covers a wide range of substances from rock, sand and mud, to granite and gemstones; mountaintops to caverns. Are we Earth signs not the most complex and multi-dimensional in the zodiac?
Kind regards,

Dear Helen,
Maybe. But what about the world of difference between ice and steam, flame and furnace or cloud and wind? Perhaps other readers would care to join this debate.

TUESDAY September 21
Water Sun sign email

Dear Jonathan
In response to the reader who wrote in yesterday; I was born under a water sign. Water is in everything... and everyone. It can be represented by streams, lakes, rivers, oceans, rain, sleet, snow, ice, tears and vapours. The Earth is no good without it! Water can be a trickle or a downpour, a drip, a deluge, a puddle or a flood. It can be comforting and life-giving or overwhelming and destructive. Are we water-sign people complex? Oh yes, very. And I like it that way! I'm SURE water is the most varied element.
Yours truly, Paula (by e-mail)
WEDNESDAY September 22
Air Sun Sign email

Hello Jonathan,
I am a Gemini. Air is the essence of being! Water and Earth both contain oxygen. Fire dies without it. In fact, our element is life-giving, a miraculous gift from the universe! We are uncomplicated, pure, generous and unfortunately, often taken for granted!

Dear Jonathan,
Without air, none of our weather patterns would change, no lovely breeze on a summer evening, no colleagues spouting hot air, no mother's soothing song to her child. Where would water get its bubbles? How would fire start? Even earth needs air to avoid becoming compacted.
Thanks, Suzanne

THURSDAY September 23
Fire Sun Sign emails

Hello Jonathan,
According to scientists, the universe began with a "Big Bang". All atoms required for life were created during early stellar explosions. Other elements, therefore, are secondary. FIRE is the primary source.

Dear Jonathan
I'm not sure I like your current 'debate between the elements'. It is beginning to sound like astrological xenophobia.

Dear David
I tend to agree. So too, clearly, does the reader below.

Dear Jonathan,
To me it has become apparent over the last few days that each element needs the others to survive. Let's thank our lucky stars for that.

FRIDAY September 24
Enlightened Era email

Many people are asking how I can possibly predict a brighter future given the worsening state of the world. Atrocities though, are nothing new. We are just becoming more aware of them now. That actually suggests more light, shining on the darkness. Millions marched against the war in Iraq. That too, was a glimmer above the horizon, suggesting a new dawn on the way. Even if our governments continue to cultivate conflict, they won't stop a more enlightened era from arriving. But by drawing curtains of deception and denial, we may just manage to shut out the light a little longer.
SATURDAY September 25
No thought for the Day


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