Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

August 15th to August 21st 2005

MONDAY August 15
Holiday and Edinburgh Festival comment

I'd like to thank Eric Francis for sitting in so well during my absence last week. I can't really say I had a holiday because I worked every day on a new project, about which... more soon. I also travelled - from Somerset to Scotland. At the Edinburgh Festival, I went to watch my younger brother Daniel, who is performing two one man musical shows in "Venue 18". (Sweet on the Grassmarket). Each day, he's doing Oscar Wilde's Happy Prince at 10.30am and then "The Surbiton Washerama" at 5.10pm. I was a bit apprehensive about this second show because a couple of the songs in it mention me. But actually, it is very funny - and deeply moving. Click here for more details and, if you are in - or are going - or can get to Edinburgh, I strongly recommend you book for both shows before they completely sell out.

TUESDAY August 16
Tidal Powered Lunar Clock

Last week, while I was away at 'The Big Green Gathering', I met a lady called Laura who wants to make a clock. She has, though, no ordinary timepiece in mind. Her plan is to turn translucent glass rings, five storeys high and forty metres wide into the world's first tidal powered Lunar clock. She requires a visionary city to offer it a riverside location... plus a lot of support from the likes of you and me. If you'd like to know more about this amazing project, her website address is:

Opposing views - same zodiac sign email

Dear Jonathan,
How can two people have opposing views if they were born under the same zodiac sign?

Dear Neil,
Astrology is only one of several influences on your character. Your upbringing, your education, your genetic inheritance and your cultural background will make a difference too. Astrologers, though, find that even when people born under the same sign have deep differences, they support their beliefs with surprisingly similar logic.

THURSDAY August 18
Full Moon comment

The moon rises tonight, just after 8pm GMT. It sets around 3am. Is it Full? Well, your diary or calendar will tell you the full Moon is tomorrow. It will, though, be 'fully Full' in the late afternoon so it will be 'past Full' by the next time it rises in Europe and the USA. If you're a witch, planning to ride a broomstick, a warlock, timing a powerful spell, a werewolf wondering when to chain yourself up, a vampire hoping to change into a bat... or just a sensitive soul hoping to avoid a moment of madness, the moment of maximum intensity... is now. Only in Australasia is tomorrow the big night!

FRIDAY August 19
Full Moon - Part 2

If you thought, when you looked at the Moon last night, that it seemed to be much bigger than usual, you are right. Thatís not just because it is full. Nor is it because, when the Moon first rises, the atmosphere on the horizon somehow magnifies its light. This Moon is large, even when it is high in the sky, because it is currently as close to the earth as it ever gets. If you think that this suggests an intense, emotionally powerful (but positive) weekend for almost everyone... you are right again!

SATURDAY August 20
Venus and Jupiter Auspicious Conjunction

Weekend Forecast: Look out after sunset this weekend and you'll see Venus shining brightly in the West. Surprisingly nearby, there's another bright planet; Jupiter. The two are edging towards a deeply auspicious conjunction. Later in the evening, Mars will rise - and it, too, is a sight to behold. There's magic in the sky and there'll be magic here on earth, too, this week.

SUNDAY August 21
Full Moon - Part 3

Your Week Ahead: Imagine being on a tiny ball of rock hurtling through space at 6,000 miles per minute! While it is whizzing endlessly around a central pivot, it is spinning... rather like a fairground Waltzer ride. As the ball rotates, it is being circled by a smaller object, constantly changing shape as it reflects light from different angles.That's exactly what the Moon does as it travels round the Earth... which in turn rotates as it is zooming round the Sun! No wonder we all feel dizzy from time to time. No wonder too, that life so often seems like a wild psychological roller-coaster ride. The Moon, as it wanes and waxes, doesn't just stir up the oceans. It triggers tides of emotion that rise and fall in our hearts. There's a Full Moon this weekend. If you feel as if your ride through life is far too fast and steep... relax. The next stage of the journey is due to be much more enjoyable!


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