Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

December 19th to December 25th 2005

MONDAY December 19
Moon is in (for instance) Taurus query

What does it mean when you say the moon is (for instance) in Taurus. Does it rise in Taurus, set in Taurus... or what? I canít figure this out.

Dear Betty,
When the Moon rises tonight, a few hours afetr dark (London 7.29pm; New York, 6.16pm; Sydney, 11.04pm), it will be visible against the part of the sky that astrologers call Leo. The moon and the sign will then trundle across the sky together till they set in the morning. By Wednesday though, the Moon will be rising and setting later against the sign of Virgo. By Christmas Eve, it will be coming up around midnight in Libra.

TUESDAY December 20
Sun and the Solstice comment

The Moon moves into a new zodiac sign once every couple of days. The Sun takes about thirty days to cover the same distance. It is now rising and setting in Sagittarius but tomorrow at 6.35pm, it moves into Capricorn. We are about to arrive at the Solstice; the turning point, the moment when the Sun rises as far towards the South-East as it ever gets. Soon, it will start edging slowly back North along the horizon. Since time immemorial, this time of the longest night (and the shortest day) has inspired a festival of celebration.
NB: In Australia, of course, itís all the other way around. Itís the Summer Solstice, not the Winter Solstice. The day is longest and the night is shortest. The Sun rises at its furthest point along the North East horizon. But it is still about to move from Sagittarius into Capricorn... it still forms the same astrological alignments... and it still influences each zodiac sign in the same way.

WEDNESDAY December 21
Solstice comment

Solstice Greetings! The Sun has arrived at its annual turning point and the true traditional festival has begun. For most of us, though, this important occasion is likely to pass unnoticed. Who has time to celebrate the sunrise when there are so many presents to wrap and seasonal expectations to honour? Christmas, as we know it today, is much more of an earthly influence than a heavenly one. Even so, over the next few days I shall make a point of taking it into account alongside the various planetary alignments that are more subtly shaping our lives.

THURSDAY December 22
Oil Refinery explosion email

Hi Jonathan,
I work in Hemel Hempstead, near where the oil refinery explosion occurred. It is a miracle no-one was killed. Had it happened on a weekday it does not bear thinking about. Any idea what was protecting us?
Regards, Deborah

Dear Deborah,
In mid-August, a Japanese earthquake triggered two small tsunamis, two terrible air crashes took place, 500 bombs went off in Bangladesh and Mars formed a nasty right angle to Uranus. This alignment nearly repeated on December 11 but because Mars was changing direction, it never culminated. Thatís one explanation. The other is divine providence!

FRIDAY December 23
Read all twelve forecasts today

Normally, I advise people not to read more than one forecast. Today though, you may care to look at all twelve. Iíve started each prediction with a quote from a well known figure. He has a traditional connection to the big party that many people are planning to hold this weekend. These days though, he seems to have been all but forgotten in favour of Santa, Rudolph and Scrooge. As it is nearly the anniversary of the day when he was first discovered by three famous astrologers, I thought it might be nice to give him a little attention!

SATURDAY December 24
No Thought for the Day

Weekend Forecast: No Weekend Forecasts published

SUNDAY December 25
Christmas birthdays comment

Your Week Ahead: If it's your birthday this week you'll know there are pros and cons to being born so close to Christmas. The two events get 'rolled into one'. Sir Izaac Newton presumably had this problem... as did Humphrey Bogart. Another character whose birthday never gets remembered, is the philanthropist Hagios Nikolaos. As befits an international man of mystery, there is confusion about where he comes from. Some claim he belongs to Lapland where he runs a famous factory. Others say the Netherlands where he is known as Sinter Klaas. Sinter or Santa is also famous in the USA for a sponsorship deal he struck with with Coca Cola in the 1930s. He still dresses in their company colours. As he travels without a passport we may never know his true origins. Most agree, though, that he entered the world around 300AD in (fittingly for a Christmas figure)... Turkey!


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