Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

February 21st to February 26th 2005

MONDAY February 21
Olympic Games Venue

The further into the future you look, the harder it is to make a prediction. In 2012, the Mayan calendar ends, a transit of Venus begins... and the Olympic games will be held in New York, Madrid, London, Moscow or Paris. But the big question is, which city will it be? That's a tough question. Why, even Nostradamus, who was an accomplished astrologer, had to enter a trance to look quite so far ahead. I think, perhaps, I ought to copy his example. Tomorrow, I'll tell you what I have managed to see. Meanwhile, er... zzzzzzz!

TUESDAY February 22
Olympic Games Venue - Part 2

Yesterday, I decided to enter a special mystic trance to see how the world will be looking in the year 2012. As I nodded off, I saw the face of Ken Livingstone, the controversial mayor of London, floating in the mist before me. I came to with a sudden start... realising that he's a Gemini, London is traditionally ruled by Gemini and in 2012, Venus transits the Sun in Gemini! Then I realised that if I want to foresee the city that will be hosting the Olympic games in that year, I actually need only look as far as this July. That's when the announcement will be made. And, er... the letter L will then be very significant!

WEDNESDAY February 23
Full Moon

Your diary or calender will tell you that the Full Moon is on Thursday. Technically, that's true. The Moon, though, will be full at 4.54am GMT tomorrow morning and astrological alignments are always most powerful when they are 'nearly complete'. The official 'night of the Full Moon' is tonight. So if you've got a werewolf to chain up or a vampire to avoid, you'd better move fast!

THURSDAY February 24
Tsunami Starquake comment

Ever since the Tsunami, people have been asking how such a big disaster could occur without an accompanying sign in the sky. We are now hearing, though, about a neutron star which has just released, in a split second, more energy than the Sun emits in 100,000 years. Astronomers are calling it a starquake. They say they have never seen anything like it. They first detected the explosion within hours of that terrible moment when the seas went wild.

FRIDAY February 25
Charles and Camilla Wedding date

Though Charles and Camilla have picked a most inauspicious date to marry, I am beginning to feel less apprehensive. Awkward alignments can be made more (or less) problematic, depending on how you handle them. One time-honoured way to take the sting out of an eclipse is to 'draw its fire' in advance. Just possibly, all this pre-nuptial furore could help limit the long-term damage.

SATURDAY February 26
Asteroid in April 2029 comment

Do you have plans for April 2029? No, me neither! I am though, now in the process of making them. During that year an asteroid is due to pass so close to the Earth that it will become visible as a bright star above Britain. It won't crash into us, nor will it hit the Moon... or so the experts claim. They go on to say, though, that if it does collide, it will make a pretty impressive crater, somewhere in Europe. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about... but I'm half tempted to book an Easter break in Australia now, while the tickets are still nice and cheap. Apparently, events like this happen only once every thousand years or so. We get, though, a right angle between Mars and Jupiter once every couple of years. There's one this week. Expect action, adventure and drama.

THE MOON moved from Virgo into Libra at 3.59am GMT. Later today, at 3.07pm GMT, Venus enters Pisces. On Monday, the Moon moves into Scorpio at 12.21pm GMT. It moves into Sagittarius on Wednesday at 6.29pm GMT, and into Capricorn at 10.12pm on Friday.


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