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January 1st to January 8th 2005

SATURDAY January 1
No Thought for the Day

MONDAY January 3
New Year comment

I love making and listening to music so it was a pleasure to start 2005 with Jools Holland - a television programme on BBC2 in the UK. I had a wobble though, when they told me I was going on after Eric Clapton. The guitarist in me was most anxious about following 'the master'... even if it was only to talk! I told Jools about Sedna, the new planet that will soon make our world so different. I'll have more to say about that here soon, too. Meanwhile, today, the earth is as close to the Sun as it ever gets during its annual orbit. Happy New Year.

TUESDAY January 4
International co-operation email

Dear Jonathan
I have been touched by the outpouring of help for victims of the tsunami. Do you think this signifies a new beginning for international co-operation? The age of Aquarius is supposed to be a time when we all live in harmony. Could this be what finally brings us all together?

Dear Trudi,
I'd hate to think such events were the only way to trigger change in people's hearts. Even if it were true, I'd rather not predict more disasters. But I do foresee a time soon when people start to show each other far more respect.

Quotation apology email

Dear Jonathan,
Last week, you published a lovely quotation. "We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey." You then said 'Weirdly, this ethereal observation comes from a business expert, Stephen Covey.' Well, it doesn't. It comes from the French theologian, Pierre Teillhard de Chardin.

Dear Eric,
When I checked that quote on the internet, I found three websites insisting it was by the other chap. I had a hunch they were wrong which is why I used the word 'weirdly' but I shall be more careful in future. Sorry.

THURSDAY January 6
Comet MacHholz comment

Ever since the dreadful events of December 26, I have been wrestling with a cosmic conundrum. Where was this event written in the sky? Other than the fact that the earthquake took place under an exact Full Moon, I have been unable to see a satisfactory astrological explanation for it. Several people though, have drawn my attention to a rather stunning new comet, which is currently visible beneath the Pleiades. Named after the man who discovered it, Don MacHholz, Comet MacHholz appeared suddenly, just before Christmas, not far from the part of the zodiac currently occupied by Sedna.

FRIDAY January 7
No Thought for the Day

SATURDAY January 8
No Thought for the Day


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