Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

July 4th to July 9th 2005

Saturn Leo comment

Dear Jonathan,
Many of my friends, who know quite a bit about astrology, seem to be very excited about Saturn leaving Cancer later this month. It may be good news for Cancerians... but surely it can't be so positive for the people whose sign it is about to enter next?
An anxious (terrified?) Leo

Dear Friend,
Don't be anxious, be brave. That's what people born under your sign are best at. I promise, you have nothing to fear from this upcoming astrological change. I shall explain why, over the next few weeks.

NASA Missile comment - Part 2

As I watched that rocket collide with a comet yesterday, I had a hopeful thought. Though we won't, for some while, know whether it has forced the comet into a new orbit and upset a delicate cosmic balance, it has given the American government something unusual to celebrate on Independence Day. The USA may now redicover its taste for space exploration. If so... and if it starts conquering planets instead of waging dubious wars, the comet will have made a very noble sacrifice.

Dark of the Moon

We are now in the Dark of the Moon. But though there's no sign of that particular celestial body at the moment, there's still plenty to see in the sky. Look out, just after sunset, for Venus and Mercury, shining wonderfully close together. Jupiter too, is brighter, higher in the sky. And if you're an early bird, you can spot Mars in the early morning. Not only are these planets impressive to look at, they are aligned in a way that can best be described as delightfully auspicious for all with kind hearts and sincere intentions.

Predictions comment

Earlier this year, I predicted the outcome of the General Election, the Michael Jackson trial and the bid to host the Olympics in 2012. Several people have asked me how it feels to be right, three times in a row. The honest answer is 'Pleased... but nervous!' I don't know whether to blow my own trumpet... or watch out lest my pride comes before a fall. I'm just trying not to think about it while I get on with my job.

Cycle of Violence comment

Anger begets anger. When Jesus said, 'Love thine enemy', that's precisely what he meant. If we want to stop a cycle of violence and evil, we have to step outside it, no matter how shocked we may feel or how much harm it has done to us. We have to be guided by hope and inspiration, not fear or fury. We don't have to forget. We don't even have to forgive. But we do have to keep walking away from the darkness of hatred and towards the light of love.

Planets comment

Your week ahead

Mercury and Venus are now behaving rather like a couple in a line dance. Over the past few weeks, they have 'stepped together' and 'stepped back'. Now, they are stepping together once more. Meanwhile, Saturn and the Sun have become another cosmic couple. Grouped together, they are creating a rare, auspicious, quadruple cosmic conjunction. Some people have already begun to benefit from this. Others have yet to feel the difference. This week though, we'll all cheer up as yet another fresh factor comes into play. Saturn, the planet of 'difficulty and restriction' enters a new sector of the sky only once every two or three years. This always coincides with a 're-writing of the rule book'. It changes sign at the end of this week so, no matter what sign you were born under, you'll soon find, if you have been wrestling with a problem for a long while, that something finally starts to shift.


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