Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

July 25th to July 31st 2005

MONDAY July 25
Saturn Leo email

Dear Jonathan,
If Saturn's recent departure from the sign of the crab has been good for Cancerians, how can its arrival in the sign of the Lion be good for Leos?

Dear Jerry,
It's partly that Saturn is 'more comfortable' in some signs than it is in others. It's partly, too, that Saturn, when it first arrives in any sign, acts like a teacher walking into an unruly classroom. The sense of structure and order is rather re-assuring... until the students start longing for a break!

Birthday email and 2005 Astrological Association Conference

Dear Jonathan,
Recently, you said something about the time just before your birthday being difficult. My birthday is due soon and, ever since I read that, I have been feeling low.

Dear Jan,
I wonder if that's because of the astrological influence... or because I put the idea in your mind? Really, the weeks before your birthday are neither 'good' nor 'bad'. They simply bring reasons to review our achievements and decide where we want our lives to go next.

This weekend, I met up with Roy Gillett, president of the Astrological Association of Great Britian. As we got chatting, it suddenly occurred to me that it is ages since I last wrote about his wonderful organisation.
The "AA" as we affectionately call it, serves as a focal point for experienced astrologers and for people who are only just starting to develop their interest. It's a kind of "Union for Stargazers!"
If you'd like to know more about how you can be a member, click here.
The same link will also give you details about a rare, historic event that's due to take place at the end of September.
Approximately 500 astrologers will then be gathering for 4 days at a prestigious university in the North of England to hear talks from over 40 speakers with simultaneous translation into four languages.
Robert Hand and Liz Greene are among the most famous names giving lectures and workshops at this event... but for those who know their "astrological luminaries" it's a real star studded event.
Some of the guest speakers have been reading charts and researching cosmic phenomena for over fifty years! When I realised how many of my heroes (and heroines) were due to be speaking, I felt a little embarrassed about the fact that I had not drawn attention to it here on this website.
Roy though, informs me that, while most places were booked up long ago, he has managed to keep a few tickets back for late bookers... so thankfully, it is not too late.
If you'd like to know how to reserve your place at the most important conference of the century, click here!

Adjustments for predictions email

Dear Jonathan,
Apparently the earth has shifted many degrees since the horoscope was invented. What adjustments do you make to deal with that in your predictions?

Dear Shafiya,
Though the stars appear to hold fixed positions, these slowly 'drift' over many centuries. Ancient astronomers knew all about this phenomenon and developed a method of dividing up the sky that uses a cosmic constant; the apparent path of the sun. Western astrologers have been deliberately using this system for at least the past two thousand years.

No Thought for the Day

FRIDAY July 29
Separate Forecasts for Men and Women email

Hi there, Jonathan!
The males and females of each sign often seem to have different characteristics. Perhaps they should have separate forecasts.

Dear Bridget,
Years ago, I experimented with this idea. But then I remembered that men can be soft, gentle, intuitive, nurturing, compassionate, vulnerable and sometimes vain... just as women can be strong, assertive, logical, judgemental, pragmatic and competitive. We all have a 'feminine' and a 'masculine' side. For an astrological reading to have relevance, it must tell the whole story, not just half of it!

Mercury Retrograde comment

Your weekend forecast: Mars forms a sharp right-angle to Saturn this weekend. Alignments like this occur once every couple of years. They tend to bring drama on the world stage (expect plenty of big news stories soon) and tension to the hearts of individuals. If you find yourself in a tight or tricky situation now, don't worry. By next week, things will be looking brighter.

SUNDAY July 31
Mars and Saturn comment

Your week ahead forecast: This weekend, after midnight, Mars will start shining brightly. Around dawn, Saturn will be visible on the horizon, just before the Sunrise makes the sky too light to see anything. At that moment, try pointing your right arm towards Saturn. Then hold up your left arm so it points towards Mars. Now get a friend with a protractor, to measure the angular distance between your arms. You don't have a friend who feels like staying up all night to play strange mathematical games? Oh well, never mind. We can't have everything. You'll just take my word for it. Your arms will be at a right angle... because Mars and Saturn are exactly 90 degrees apart. Under such alignments, tempers tend to fray. Old arguments finally get fought out. Restlessness prevails. So, on second thoughts, it is probably best not make the situation worse by going short of sleep. Tell you what. You stay in bed. I'll watch the sky for you!


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