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May 16th to May 21st 2005

Russian astrologer Marina Bai suing Nasa comment

In January, Nasa put a 300 million dollar rocket on collision course with a comet. This, they claim, is a scientific mission to discover what the comet is made of. Suspiciously, though, they have carefully timed their giant firework show to occur on July 4. I have already expressed concerns about how the comet's orbit could alter as a result. Now I learn that a Russian astrologer, Marina Bai is suing Nasa for 'endangering the natural equilibrium of the universe'. She wants the entire cost of the operation as compensation for emotional damage. Her grandparents, she says, met when her father pointed out the comet in the sky to her mother! I can't see that she'll win - and I don't suppose that she expects to... but her campaign has my full moral support and I shall be watching it carefully. At the last hearing, in Moscow, the lower court threw out the case but the higher court overruled them. I shall be watching with interest and will let you know how it goes. Interestingly, I have found no mention of her on the web, other than in the reports about this matter. If anyone knows her... or how to find her... please tell me. I'd love to get her to write a piece for this website!

Email telepathy comment and Marina Bai emails

Last Thursday, I sent an e-mail to someone I hadn't spoken to for some months. Two minutes later, I got an e-mail from him. I was surprised, though, to see he hadn't answered all my questions. Then I realised... he must have been typing his letter to me at exactly the same moment that I was writing to him. Even more intriguingly, my letter was about a joint project involving research into telepathy. Er... I suppose you have to expect that kind of thing when corresponding with Uri Geller!

Meanwhile, our hunt for Marina Bai the astrologer trying to sue NASA for sending a rocket to collide with the comet Tempel 1 on July 4, continues. Still no positive leads as to who or where she is (I'd like her to write a little piece for this website) but I did get the following two emails yesterday.

Hi Jonathan,
You were right; there is no info in I-net about your "Russian Astrologer". I made research in Russian I-net also. There is two art pictures of Marina Bay in the center of the page: I am not sure that she is her, perhaps just another person with the same name...
Good luck,

Dear Jonathan,
What a wonderful idea... A lawsuit... for emotional distress. I think I'm going to follow suit, only with the World Jump Day people for creating worry beyond my imagination of what will happen if the Earth's orbit is altered one milli-second on the 20th of July of this year.
Thanks Jonathan,

Psychic Museum comment

Yesterday, I told you about a rather uncanny email exchange between myself and Uri Geller. I was writing to him because, for several years now, we have been working together on the world's first Psychic Museum. Our project has involved expert parasychology researchers from all over the world and it is designed to create a place where anyone can come and explore their own hidden abilities. It's all still in experimental mode but the doors are opening, in 'test mode' over the next few months. If you would like to find out more and can get to the picturesque ancient city of York (in the North of England) between now and September, visit for more details. Or call 0800 138 9788 (Freephone) from within the UK or +44 1904 622864 from anywhere else in the world.
(The picture on the right, by the way, is of Andy, our principal guide, demonstrating Harry Oldfield's amazing PIP body field, auric imaging system to one of our visitors. The swathes of colour and light, emanating from the body, are displayed on a giant projection screen. Every visitor takes a turn in the chair and gets to see their own, normally invisible energy fields.)

Psychic coincidence phone call email

Dear Jonathan,
Your recent story of a 'psychic coincidence' reminded me of a day when I answered the phone and my friend Elizabeth was on the other end. After chatting for a while, I asked why she had called. 'I didn't call you,' she said. 'You called ME'. 'No, I didn't,' I said. The phone had rung in both our homes at the same time, and neither of us had dialed a single digit. How about that?

Dear Beatriz,
Crikey! More stories like that please!

Psychic coincidence public phone box email

Dear Jonathan,
Here's another phone-line coincidence for you. My son wanted to hire someone for the employment agency he managed. He dialled the number of a man he thought suitable. The man answered the phone and an appointment was arranged to discuss the matter. Then the man said, "But how did you know to ring me here?" My son replied, "Well, this is your number isn't it?" The man explained, "No, this is a public phone box - I just happened to be passing." How weird is that?

Full Moon comment

The Full Moon gives out about as much light as a couple of candles in a dark room. Though few of us, in this modern age, use moonlight to see by, it still affects our inner eye. It somehow causes us to feel as if someone has turned up the contrast on the TV screen of our mind. As a result, some wild ideas start to seem dazzlingly attractive while others become even more shrouded in shadow. Hence all those mesmerising legends about vampires and werewolves. Hence too, all those sudden outbursts of intense passion. In bringing us light, The Full Moon obliges us to identify messy parts of our lives that need clearing up, but it also prevents us from remaining in blissful ignorance. But though it is often thought of as a 'mixed blessing' - and though this week's Full Moon is due to be exceptionally intense, it is always a positive influence. Prepare for a week of revelation and transformation.


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