Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

November 20th to November 27th 2005

MONDAY November 21
Age of Aquarius email

Hi Jonathan,
In the sixties, there was a song about the 'Dawning of the Age of Aquarius'. 40 years later, people are still expecting a 'new age'. So when will it begin... and why does it 'follow' the age of Pisces? Surely Pisces comes AFTER Aquarius?
Thanks Thea

Dear Thea,
The ages are determined by 'The precession of the equinoxes.' Their 26,000-year cycle runs backwards through the zodiac. Each 'age' lasts a 12th of this time and the 'overlap' lasts a few centuries. The new age though, IS still dawning and the rate of change is speeding up.

TUESDAY November 22
Relationship with a colleague email query

Dear Jonathan,
Iím a Leo. When my Gemini friend and workmate suddenly began to pursue me romantically. I realised I loved him. One day, while he was blowing in my hair, I said, ďAre we ever going out for coffee?Ē He replied "Why would you think Iíd want a relationship with a colleague?" I'm still picking up the emotional pieces.

Dear Katherine,
Without more information, I can only assume he thought you were teasing and you mistook his defensive question for a rejection. You both need to talk. Properly.

WEDNESDAY November 23
Age of Aquarius email - 2nd query

Dear Jonathan,
You mentioned the age of Aquarius recently but you didnít say what it is likely to bring. Are we to expect phones that act as TVs, computers, credit cards, music centres, car keys and camcorders... or peace between nations?

Dear Chaz,>br> Our lives are now full of technological marvels that once seemed impossible to imagine. Soon we will be similarly amazed and delighted by a more important miracle. The awakening of consciousness, compassion and sensitivity in the hearts and minds of millions.

THURSDAY November 24
Prime Minister of Thailand comment

The Prime Minister of Thailand, is refusing to give press interviews. He says Mercury is in an unfavourable position so he is not going to speak until 2006. Mercury IS retrograde and itís not a good time for communication, but it is hard to see why Thaksin Shinawatra (born July 26, 1949) is more adversely affected than anyone else. Iím tempted to suggest this is all just an excuse to avoid answering awkward questions. But then again, if only astrologers could silence a few more politicians, they might be doing the world a big favour!

FRIDAY November 25
2006 rare astrological phenomenon comment

2006 brings a rare astrological phenomenon that should touch all our lives in a delightful way. Iíve already made some preliminary predictions on the basis of this information, but because it involves an unusual event, I feel I need a little time to research and digest the details before I say too much more. So from Monday, I have arranged for my colleague Eric Francis to write your daily predictions for a few days. My phone forecasts, though, continue as normal. A new set of in-depth readings for the week ahead went up on the lines last night.

Todayís Picture shows me during a recent visit to Callanais in Northern Scotland. Iím standing in the stone circle that was built, several thousand years ago, for the specific purpose of observing the same Ďbig eventí that is due to take place next year. Here - and at several other ancient sacred sites all over the world during 2006 - thereís about to be a lot of excitement and wonder.

SATURDAY November 26
No Thought for the Day

Weekend Forecast: No thought for the Day

SUNDAY November 27
Reading the Cosmic Clock comment

Your Week Ahead: Last week, I compared the planets to the hands on a 'cosmic clock'. There are twelve zodiac signs, just as there are twelve numbers on a normal dial. But, instead of an hour, a minute and a second hand, the planets provide TEN heavenly hands - more if you count asteroids and planetoids. To make predictions, astrologers need to watch the relationships between all these 'hands'. We also have to remember that their positions mean different things to different signs. 'Wake up time' for Scorpio, for example, can be 'Time to relax' for Gemini. Some alignments, though, are so powerful that they mean much the same to everyone. This weekend, the 'hands' of Jupiter and Uranus are aligned. That means it's a time of excitement and positive change for almost everyone. And now... it's time... to end all this technical talk and give you your zodiac forecast!


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