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August 21st to August 27th 2006

MONDAY August 21
Historic 'Planetary Status' meeting

Later this month, there will be a big meeting of international astrologers. Top of the agenda is the historic 'planetary status' announcement from the International Astronomical Union. While we digest and discuss the meaning of this dramatic development, I feel it is important that I do not use my status as a 'media astrologer' to unfairly skew the debate in favour of my own preferred interpretation. So, while I will continue to talk about the meaning of the new planets here on this page, I will try, for the time being, to explore possibilities rather than declare definitions

TUESDAY August 22
Ruling Planets and signs comment

Once, we had celestial symmetry. 12 zodiac signs, 7 moving lights in the sky. The Sun ruled Leo. The Moon ruled Cancer. Each planet ruled two signs apiece. Mars governed Aries & Scorpio. Venus; Taurus & Libra. Mercury; Gemini & Virgo, Jupiter; Sagittarius & Pisces, Saturn; Capricorn & Aquarius. All that changed after 1781 when Uranus was discovered. After years of experimentation, astrologers attributed it to Aquarius. The 1846 discovery, Neptune, was eventually given to Pisces. By the 1950's we were confident that Pluto belonged to Scorpio. So... what will Ceres, Xena and Charon end up ruling? More on this hot topic tomorrow.

International Astronomical Union will vote

On Friday, members of the International Astronomical Union will vote, in Prague, on whether to create a new class of planet called a Pluton. They are expected to 'rubber stamp' this proposal. Will Plutons 'rule' zodiac signs? They will have to... because Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, is among them. There are, though, as I explained yesterday, only two 'vacancies' for new 'ruling planets' - yet we have three candidates. Arguably, Charon, Pluto's Twin, co-governs Scorpio leaving Ceres for Virgo or Gemini and Xena for Taurus or Libra. Problem solved? Not quite. More Plutons are sure to be announced soon.

THURSDAY August 24
In-built powers of prescience email

Dear Jonathan,
When I got back from my holiday, on the way to collect my car, I got a strong urge to check the front passenger tyre at the nearest service station. It was fine so I thought nothing more about it. But when I woke next morning, that tyre was completely flat!

We all have tales of this type to tell. One day soon, instead of ignoring them or feeling uncomfortable about them, we will start to take them seriously and will learn how to make much more effective use of our in-built powers of prescience.

FRIDAY August 25
Pluto dismissed comment

How ironic that Pluto should be dismissed on grounds of size. It was discovered at the same time as Plutonium. Hence the similar name. Pluto governs nuclear energy which is all about the power of subatomic particles. You can hardly say that these are 'too small to matter!' To astronomers, Pluto may now be a 'dwarf planet' but to astrologers, it remains terribly important.

SATURDAY August 26
No Thought for the Day

SUNDAY August 27
How long for a Cosmic Order to be granted email

Your Week Ahead:

Dear Jonathan,
If I ask the universe for something, how long must I wait for my Cosmic Order to be granted? Some people's requests are seemingly answered right away so why must others wait?

Dear Kim,
I suspect several factors influence this. For one thing, there's the slight matter of 'availability'. Then, there's 'intensity of desire'. When we want something too badly, we can inadvertently delay its arrival by being overly keen. There's also the question of genuine need as opposed to 'desire'. The former tends to get priority. But no matter how long it takes, I don't think the universe ever forgets a request, once it has been made.


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