Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

February 27th to March 5th 2006

MONDAY February 27
Dark of The Moon - Mercury comment

We are now entering the 'Dark of The Moon'. According to legend, we all become more psychic for the couple of days each month while the Moon is so near the Sun as to be invisible. By the time its silver sliver reappears, it will be very close to Mercury. The two should form a pretty picture, shortly after sunset on Wednesday. Mercury, though, will then be starting to slip slowly 'backwards' through the zodiac. That suggests delays with communication, transportation and commerce. So if you get a powerful hunch in the next few days... act on it quickly!

TUESDAY February 28
Both Cancerians email

Dear Jonathan,
My friend and I are both Cancerians... and we both like the same man! Whenever you say anything about love, I always wonder if the prediction applies to me, or her.

Dear Katie,
Please always assume that I am writing for you alone. Even if your friend reads the same forecast and relates it to a similar situation, she will interpret it differently. You may think you know what my words mean to her - but you can only know for certain what they mean to you. And that, I promise, is all you need to know!

Proposals during Mercury Retrograde query

Hi Jonathan,
I suspect my boyfriend is about to propose to me. But, if Mercury is about to turn retrograde, perhaps this is an inauspicious time.

Dear Lisa,
The communication planet will look as if it is reversing through the zodiac between now and late March. This isn't necessarily problematic, though. In my experience, plans and propositions made under such an influence tend to have greater depth, longevity... and success. If you want further reassurance, look out after sunset tonight. You should see Mercury, just beneath a tiny new moon. It certainly seems like a very romantic sight!

Twenty years of writing forecasts

Photo: A convention of British astrologers, somewhere in London, somewhere between 1982 - 5. I'm on the far right in the jumper and tie (!). Nik Kollerstrom - astronomy expert - is second left. The late, great Charles Harvey is seated far left. Scientific correllation researcher, Mick O'Neill is seated far right. Historian and author Patrick Curry in the jacket, on the back row. And the others? If someone recognises anyone, please someone email me and, through the day, we'll update the site with info as it arrives.

My first ever daily zodiac column appeared on March 4, 1986 in the launch issue of the now defunct Today newspaper. Then, as now, the predictions had to be ready a couple of days in advance. I must, therefore, have been writing those initial forecasts twenty years ago this very day! 6,420 columns, 75,000 individual predictions or roughly eight million words later I'm still very much enjoying the job. I can't get any balder or greyer, but I reckon I can manage a good few million more words ... and I'm looking forward to the next twenty years!

FRIDAY March 3
Twenty years of writing forecasts - Part 2

Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of my first ever daily zodiac forecast in the (now defunct) Today newspaper. Until then, I'd been the more serious type of astrologer who works only with full birth charts. My doubts were confirmed when, one day, for one sign, I wrote: 'Nothing much will happen today - but yesterday, X took place and tomorrow, Y will occur.' etc. Due to lack of space, this long piece got reduced to, 'Sagittarius: Nothing much will happen today.' I immediately vowed never to write another word unless I knew how much space it was going to fill!

Twenty years of writing forecasts - Part 3

Today's picture, by the way, was taken in 1983, in London. It shows a group of serious and highly respected astrologers... the kind who would never bring their art into disrepute by writing sun sign predictions! On the far left, at the table, is the late, great and still sorely missed Charles Harvey. Seated next to him, there's Danielle Claret, Jane de Rome and scientific correlation researcher, Mick O'Neill. From left standing are David Stevens, Astronomy expert Nick Kollerstrom, Rowan Bayne, Martin Budd, Simon Best, author and historian Patrick Curry, Michael Startup, Graham Douglas and, on the end, in the tie, with the dodgy patterned sweater... an early prototype version of Jonathan Cainer.

SUNDAY March 5
'Clinical death' change of sun sign email

Your Week Ahead:

Dear Jonathan
I was born a Libran. One mid-September night when I was four, I suffered a 'clinical death' from which I had to be resuscitated. I vividly recall shooting back into my body through a tunnel of white light. Was I 'reborn' at this time? If so, as the Sun was in Virgo when It happened, might I now belong to a different sign?

Dear Paula,
When I first read your letter, I wanted to say no. The sign you are initially born under is the sign you remain, no matter what happens. But you have got me thinking. Maybe it's not always so simple. Some people definitely do emerge from a dramatic physical (or spiritual) 'rebirth' with a permanently changed personality. So I want to leave this question open while I discuss it with my colleagues. I'd also like to hear from other readers who may feel moved to comment or have had a similar experience.


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