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June 12th to June 18th 2006

MONDAY June 12
World Cup Fever

Once, people thought that illnesses were caused by heavenly alignments. That's where the word influenza comes from. It means to be 'under a celestial influence'. Today, we know that not all contagious conditions are caused by planets OR viruses. Right now, for example, there's a strange set of symptoms going round. Sufferers experience obsessive exuberance accompanied by the secret dread of a deep despondence that could strike at any moment. As it's not an astrological condition, I cannot speak as an expert. I suspect, though, that the only cure for World Cup Fever is to let it run its natural course.

Jupiter Storms email

Hi Jonathan
I hear that two storms, on Jupiter, are about to collide. Does this have an astrological implication?

Dear Linda,
There's no ancient lore about the meaning of such events because we have only known about them since the invention of the telescope. Jupiter, though, is the traditional planet of faith, hope and justice. Because of its sheer size, it acts as Earth's Guardian, deflecting comets that might otherwise be attracted by our gravity. Colliding storms suggest the 'release of energy'. I think July 4, when those storms converge, could be a very powerful, positive day

Gordon Brown comment

"Gordon Brown will take over from Tony Blair; probably around this time next year." That's not an astrological prediction. It's a general expectation throughout Britain. If you stopped and asked ten members of the public, six would tell you that they neither knew nor cared... and the other four would say something along these lines. Once, I would have said something similar myself. I am no longer so sure, though, that it will be so straightforward. Even if Brown does succeed Blair, he may not stay long in the job. I'll say more when my horoscopes tell me more.

Economy comment

Back at the beginning of 2006, I said we should expect an economic slowdown. I warned that many traditional 'safe bets' on the stock market could do surprisingly badly. I went on to say that "recovery from the downturn will happen quickly." The first half of this prediction is coming true. I remain confident that the second half will prove reliable. Some markets may become more depressed than others... and some could continue to prove problematic for the rest of the year, but we are NOT looking at a major global recession or the start of some great collapse.

FRIDAY June 16
Hardship email

Dear Jonathan
For some weeks I have had a strong sense of something cataclysmic about to happen. I see national economies collapsing and at least five volcanoes getting ready to blow. You always say, don't worry everything will be alright. How can I be alright while so many now face severe hardship?
Best regards

Dear Rainer,
While I absolutely do not foresee the disasters that you fear, I agree that many people lead very hard lives. We won't help them though, by being unhappy. They just need us to be conscious, caring and willing to take positive action.

No Thought for the Day

SUNDAY June 18
Beehive Star Cluster

Your Week Ahead:

It's quite common, in astronomy, for one object to have several names. The Beehive star cluster, for example, is also known as M44, Praesepe or 'The Manger'. Even more confusingly, different sectors of the sky sometimes have the same name. The Beehive, for example, is in the traditional constellation of Cancer but not in the section of the tropical ecliptic (or solar pathway) that astrologers call Cancer. Currently, the Beehive is technically in astrological Leo! Confused? Don't be. Just look west after sunset this week and you'll see Mars and Saturn on either side of that Beehive. This powerful conjunction traditionally signifies, the imminent demise of a great warrior and the dramatic end of a battle.


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