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March 13th to March 19th 2006

MONDAY March 13
Future for Environment email

Dear Jonathan,
Ice caps are melting, rivers are receding, temperatures are rising and ozone levels are falling. How can you possibly say there's no threat to our future?

Dear Alison.
I have never said there is no threat. It's just that currently, while some people are desperately concerned, others are cheerfully oblivious. There is still time to limit the damage if only enough people will quickly wake up to the severity of the problem. I predict that soon more of us will start worrying... at which point we won't have quite so much to worry about!

TUESDAY March 14
Penumbral eclipse

Just before midnight tonight*, as the moon becomes completely full, the earth will cast a subtle shadow across its face. This 'darkening of the moon' is seen, in some traditions, as inauspicious. I prefer to think of it as 'cathartic'. Though we often find ourselves facing our fears at such times, we need no more worry about a penumbral eclipse than we need be afraid of our own shadow! I'll be out watching it this evening... after which I'll be taking a brief break while my colleague, Eric Francis, takes over the daily predictions for the next few days.
* London time 11.35pm. Other timings: New York: 6.35pm, Tuesday; India: 4.35am, Wednesday; Perth: 7.35am, Wednesday. The eclipse is visible from all of Africa and Europe. Observers throughout most of North America will find the eclipse already in progress as the Moon rises on Tuesday evening. However, no eclipse will be visible from westernmost North America (Yukon, British Columbia, Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California) since the event ends there before moonrise. Similarly the event is not visible from Eastern Australia or north and central Japan. For NASA's map showing the eclipse zones - click here

Eclipse of the Moon - Eric Francis Guest Astrologer

Eric writes: Yesterday's Virgo Full Moon was also an eclipse of the Moon - and, as with all eclipses, the effects will radiate out for months or even years. The theme is about noticing the mental and emotional patterns that keep us trapped in negative patterns in our personal relationships. It's often amazing what we don't see, and equally wonderful how easy it is to make a difference in our own lives when we do take a look. Letting go of the past begins with acknowledging how we really feel, then speaking from our hearts to the people who matter the most.

Series of squares between planets - Eric Francis Guest Astrologer

Eric writes: It would be difficult to cram more astrology into a single week, but when the planets speak, they like to be heard. We're standing in one of those cosmic junctures, as if many different roads of time come together and form a hub. It started with yesterday's lunar eclipse. Then there are a series of squares or 90-degree angles between planets, the most dynamic aspect of the lot. Jupiter is exactly square Neptune; the Sun is square Pluto and the Galactic Core; Mercury will soon square Mars. But Mercury retrograde is making a long trine (120 degree angle) to Jupiter. That represents the one decision you need to make, in the midst of so many other influences.

FRIDAY March 17
Pluto and Sun comment - Eric Francis Guest Astrologer

Eric writes:
Today's exact meeting of Pluto and the Sun may have people around you on edge and ready to stand up for themselves at the least suggestion they're wrong. This is a fine day to do more listening than talking, and to take everyone's viewpoint under advisement. There are a number of planetary factors that say 'delay making big decisions'. Instead, collect all the information you can. The planetary picture is changing fast, and cosmic forces that are motivating people to be unusually individualistic will just as soon leave people alone. Meantime, please don't get caught up in any arguments that have nothing to do with you - or for that matter, the ones that do.

Equinox comment - Eric Francis Guest Astrologer

Your Weekend Forecasts: Eric writes: All around the world, we're at the point where day and night are equal. From down under in Oz to Finland in the north, we are all having a similar experience of the Sun's light. Equinox is not really a day, but rather it lasts about a week. Though for those in the Northern Hemisphere, a long winter comes to a close March 20 at 6:25 pm GMT on Monday - when El Sol enters the zodiac sign Aries. That, to be technically accurate, is the moment of the vernal equinox. For some, regaining balance between light and dark comes naturally, and for others, it's a more of a challenge. But the season and also the planets are carrying us swiftly toward our next destination, so get that Aries fire under your wings.

SUNDAY March 19
First total eclipse of 2006

Your Week Ahead:

A week on Wednesday brings the world's first total eclipse of 2006. I mention this early, just in case you want to hunt down a set of special viewing glasses... and then book a cheap last-minute flight to Turkey! Too many reasons why this simply can't happen? Well, that's not too surprising. Few of us, at the moment, are able to be quite as spontaneous and self-indulgent as we'd like to be. Jupiter, the planet of adventure is now moving 'backwards' through the zodiac - as is Mercury, the planet of communication. It's much more a time to reflect than a time to leap into action. That process of meditation, though, may yet bring forth some priceless revelations. If you're seeking a light to spark your inner fire, look to the sky! Saturn is visible in the south each evening from shortly after sunset, Jupiter is rising about midnight, Venus is blazing brightly just before dawn and it's the equinox - happy astrological New Year.


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