Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

May 8th to May 14th 2006

Thanks to Eric Francis and the book comment

I'm grateful to Eric Francis for sitting in last week. I've been working on a book. It's about the different ways in which people can "ask the Cosmos for help"... and reasonably expect a response. It's a subject dear to my heart, but I must admit that, last week, I spent a lot of time struggling to find the right way to tackle the topic. Finally though... I, ahem... asked the cosmos for help!

Choosing your own birthday / sun sign email

Hi Jonathan!
My friend was once a refugee from Vietnam. Like many people from that country, he doesn't know exactly when he was born so, when he filled in his immigration forms, he had to make up a date. Randomly, he chose July 14. As it happens, though, your forecasts for Cancer fit him well. Is it possible to choose one's own birthday and, thereby, one's sign?

Dear Teresa,
Once, I would have said 'no!' but I have come across other stories like this. Under some exceptional circumstances, perhaps your zodiac sign CAN be a matter of choice.

'Broken comet' Schwassmann-Wachmann 3

The various remaining pieces of a 'broken comet' (Schwassmann-Wachmann 3) will come within a few million miles of Earth this weekend. That's not near enough to pose a threat. It may not even be near enough to produce a spectacle, especially with a bright full moon on the way. Still though, it's close enough to count as an omen. Comets are harbingers of change. Often this is auspicious for most people but they tend to bring bad news for kings, queens and people in positions of high authority who are hoping to cling on to ever more tenuous positions.

Birds 'liberation' comment

Dear Jonathan,
Recently, I woke to a rhythm outside my window. I peeped out to see a woodpecker on the ledge. It continued tapping even though I was most suprised to see it because I live in a city and rarely catch such sights. A week later I was woken by tapping again. This time it was two blue-tits. I was wondering if these visits have meaning, particularly as they occured at similar times.
Thanks, Julia

Dear Julia,
Encounters with birds usually signify 'liberation'. I think they were saying that you are about to start spreading your wings.

New Moons and Full Moons

New Moons and Full Moons are good times to place 'Cosmic Orders'. Full Moons though, are better for making 'big wishes' while New Moons are more suited to decisions that effectively put your destiny in your own hands. This weekend's Full Moon doesn't mean you can expect to get whatever you request but... it's at least worth "putting in a plea!"

Yasmin Boland will be writing your predictions between Monday and Friday next week, while I do a little more work on my book.

With this in mind, I'd be very grateful to hear from anyone with a story about a cosmic order that has NOT been fulfilled.... or about a request that DID get met... but which you later regretted or which somehow created a problem. I'm making a general policy of crediting first names only in the book - and disguising any information that could identify or embarrass a contributor... so, if you're comfortable with that and you don't mind sharing your story... please drop me a line.

Planets comment

Your Weekend: This week, Venus forms an antagonistic angle to Jupiter whilst Mars makes a similarly provocative angle to Neptune. For those born under ARIES, this suggests confusion. For PISCEANS, it suggests a bizarre drama. For SAGITTARIANS, it is an imbalance to be redressed. For LIBRANS a challenge and for TAUREANS an opportunity.

Full Moon comment

Your Week Ahead:

Look out, tonight, for a breathtakingly beautiful Full Moon. It will make many more amazing appearances over the next few months. We're in the midst of a rare season of "lunar standstills". That's why sometimes the Moon is rising surprisingly high and sometimes, it is staying stunningly low. It's also why the sea and river tides are exceptionally dramatic this year... and it could explain the mood swings that many people seem to be going through. The moon, as it goes through its different phases, pulls hard on our "ocean of inner emotion". Even if lately, though, you've been going through some difficult lows... this summer has high times in store for us all.


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