Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

May 22nd to May 28th 2006

Good to be back comment

A change, they say, is as good as a rest. Let's hope it's true... because I certainly didn't have much of a holiday while Yasmin Boland sat in for me last week. I spent most of the time wrestling with a word processor, striving to write a book. Though I managed a chapter or two it will be some while yet before it finds its way into print. Frankly, by the end of the week, I was itching to get back to the daily predictions. I can't tell you how good it is to be back home again.

Possible to make your own luck?

Is it possible to make your own luck? Well, people who 'expect' good fortune tend to experience it more often than those who don't! If you put yourself in a position where luck has a chance of finding you, you are more likely to encounter it than if you sit around waiting for it to knock on your door. There is, though, another kind of luck. The random kind, that lets us win lotteries. We can't create that - nor can we rely on it. But then, if we can make enough of the other type, we don't need to!

Positive moves and thoughts

'The heavens help those who help themselves.' So goes the old saying and it's true. If you strive to create opportunity, you make it much easier for fortune to find you. Sometimes, though, the heavens also help those who don't help themselves! It's not as if good luck never finds its way to the lazy, the undeserving or the pessimistic! Strictly speaking then, If you want positive things to happen in your life, you don't have to make positive moves and think positive thoughts. But it definitely helps. And life tends to be much more enjoyable if you do!

NHS Healer comment

My mum has been an NHS healer for 16 years. She began as a volunteer and is now paid a small salary to work with Cancer patients and their relatives plus, sometimes, the hospital staff. She sees about 70 people a week, all of whom insist her treatments relieve stress, ease pain and have lasting benefits. According to certain 'top doctors' this week though, she's just a waste of money. They can't, they say, prove that she is helping anyone. I told her she is in good company. Scientists still can't prove how astrology works either. But it does.

Sterile Neutrino comment

Some physicists think that the past is only a long way from the future in the same way as your eyes are a long way from your feet. You can bring them closer, just by bending. The door to a time machine "could be anywhere" and the key to that door could be a tiny particle called a 'Sterile Neutrino'. This weekend brings us to the dark of the moon. This, the ancients believed, was when the veil between the present and the future grew thin enough to pierce. Even scientists now suspect that such a thing may be feasible.

No Thought for the Day

Mars / Pluto comment

Your Week Ahead:

Mars, this week, forms a notoriously difficult, 150 degree angle of antagonism to Pluto. The Sun meanwhile, is 150 degrees apart from Jupiter. American astrologers call these alignments 'inconjuncts'. Here,we use the mediaeval term 'quincunx'. On both sides of the Atlantic though there's consensus about the meaning of this rare and potent angle. It creates nuisance and restlessness. It's not a 'bad influence' but nor does it create an ideal cosmic climate. If, this week, you start to feel as if you've got 'an itch you just can't scratch' that's the quincunx at work. No matter what's irking you, don't get into it... ignore it!


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