Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

November 27th to 3rd December 2006

MONDAY November 27
Can I order love?

Can you use Cosmic Ordering to gain the love of someone if you are already involved with that person but they are not too committed yet?

Dear Annie,
Cosmic Ordering will not work in any situation where one person is asking the universe to interfere with another's freedom of choice. You can, though, always ask the cosmos to bring you information about this individual's tastes and preferences. This may help you modify your behaviour so you become more desirable in their eyes. But whether it's wise to strive so hard and bend so much is deeply debatable!

TUESDAY November 28
In a mess with Mercury

Hi Jonathan!
Although Mercury is no longer retrograde, I seem to be having all sorts of frustrating technical problems. I find this strange. Shouldn't things be running a little more smoothly?

Dear Carissa,
Mercury's recent retrograde phase was unusually strong because it also involved a rare transit across the face of the Sun. But the reason why some people are still having communication problems is that, though Mercury has 'turned', it will be next Monday before it regains the position it held before that backwards phase began. Monday may also be when some plans and arrangements come full circle.

WEDNESDAY November 29
Message from the future?

Dear Jonathan,
I found a very odd message on my answering machine. It was so distorted it sounded like it was at the end of a long tunnel, but I was eventually able to understand it. It said, 'I love you'. I have not the faintest idea who could be sending this. Do you think it could be coming from the future? Or from the other side?

Dear Anne,
As with the previous letter about a text from the year 2019, there's potentially a logical explanation. But that doesn't mean that more mysterious possiblities must be ruled out.

THURSDAY November 30
Phantom in the phone...

Dear Jonathan,
I had an odd call last week. I rushed to pick up a call from my mother, but I missed it. I rang her back and she said, 'Why do you keep calling?' I said, 'I don't. You just called me.' 'I didn't,' she said. Her phone shows that I did call her... but my phone doesn't! It was locked and in my bag at the time. It does, though, show that she called me. What can it mean?

Dear Tori,
I'm not sure, but I'm working on a theory. Meanwhile... keep those phone stories coming.

FRIDAY December 1
Skywatching - Greek style

Remains of an ancient skywatching tool have been recovered from a shipwreck. It is more sophisticated than anything experts have seen before. They suspect it belonged to the Greek astronomer, Hipparchus. I'm sure they are right. Though most of his books have long since been lost or burned, we know Hipparchus was a real wizard. His maths were so impressive that some scholars insist he must have known that Earth went round the Sun a good 1,650 years before Copernicus took the credit for the idea. Hipparchus also made a crucial contribution to astrology. I'll explain more next week.

SATURDAY December 2
No thought for the Day

SUNDAY December 3
Your December Forecast

December's astrological outlook is gently encouraging for most of us. That's just as well, given that this month ends with the great social cavalcade of the festive season. It's also a time of year when many people do more planning in advance than usual. Consequently, I have given this week's zodiac forecasts a focus on the full month ahead. It brings the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Sagittarius, Venus in Capricorn and Saturn (now with an amazing 'eye' in the hurricane at its south pole) in Leo. It also brings much more to celebrate and enjoy, in all our lives, than you might think.


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