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October 16th to 22nd October 2006

MONDAY October 16
Full myth of Eris email

I used to lecture on the semiotics of myth at a British university, You may like to analyse the only full myth relating to Eris more closely with regard to how passive, rather than active, she is in the 'chaos' she reveals. Eris has the aspect of a Titan, a primal power. When she threw her famous apple of discord, she simply revealed the underlying truth about jealousies that already existed between three goddesses. She brings repressed, hidden thoughts and feelings to light. The ensuing 'chaos' is not caused by her; it is REVEALED by her.

TUESDAY October 17
Names of new planets email

Dear Jonathan,
Who are the people who decide on the names of new planets and how do they come to their conclusions? If they had named Eris after a different legend would that have set you all off in a different direction?
Thanks, Daphne

Dear Daphne, An international committee of astronomers chose the name. We do not know how or why, but by long-standing tradition, we astrologers honour all decisions and definitions made by our scientific brethren, even if they show us no such respect in return. They chose what they chose. We must accept and interpret that.

WEDNESDAY October 18
What about Ceres email

Dear Jonathan,
You have written a lot about Eris - but what about Ceres, the asteroid recently promoted to a 'dwarf planet'?

Dear Zack,
Ceres was found in 1801, around the peak of the agricultural revolution. Initially a planet, she was "demoted" around the time Neptune was discovered. There's an echo here, in the way Pluto has diminished since Eris emerged! Many astrologers, though, have never stopped working with Ceres. She is seen, not just as a goddess of the earth but an Earth Mother whose new found prominence suggests women are about to become a lot more powerful.

THURSDAY October 19
Tuesday 17th comment

I did extra meditation on Tuesday. I figured, if the earth really was going to be being bathed by an interdimensional UV ray that could amplify consciousness a millionfold, I'd like to be in on the act. It was a pleasant day but I don't recall experiencing blinding enlightenment. Or perhaps I did, but my mind couldn't cope so I forgot it all immediately afterwards. Oh well. This weekend, though, may yet bring us a more memorable experience of love, wisdom and happiness. An exceptionally auspicious quadruple conjunction will coincide with shooting stars each night, from midnight to 4am.

FRIDAY October 20
“Orionid” meteor shower

The ancients believed that the dark of the moon allowed things unseen to become visible. That's happening now. This weekend's lack of moonlight will reveal the yearly “Orionid” meteor shower. Stunning shooting stars are being formed as spaceship Earth now travels through a trail of debris left by Halley's Comet. Bits blaze briefly as they burn in our atmosphere. Wish on those stars if you like and wish too, on the New Moon itself which is happening at the 28th degree of Libra. Venus and Mars are also in this part of the sky. It's an auspicious quadruple conjunction.

SATURDAY October 21
No Thought for the Day

SUNDAY October 22
Mercury, the winged messenger comment

Your Week Ahead:

This could be 'one of those weeks' - especially if you work in sales, marketing or transport . Or if you buy, sell, write, count or compute. Likewise, if you are trying to strike a deal, negotiate a contract or seek out a secret. Mercury is slowing down. Next weekend, it begins a three week 'reverse trundle' through the zodiac. It's an optical illusion. Planets don't really go backwards - but, when they appear to be standing still, the issues and processes they govern tend to grind to a halt. Mercury, the winged messenger, was the ancient equivalent of a motorbike courier. The sky's gods and goddesses, this week, may not all be answering their mail!


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