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November 26 2007 to December 2 2007

Monday November 26
The meaning of Comet Holmes

Like a giant puffball, comet Holmes still hovers in Perseus. For all our science, nobody can explain why it brightened so suddenly and how it has managed to remain visible for so long. It is occupying an area of space that's larger than the Sun. It is visible all over the Earth. So what does it mean? I'll offer a few predictions soon. Meanwhile, here are a few things the comet does not herald. It is not a portent of global recession, a new world war, a plague or a sudden escalation in the rate of global warming!

Tuesday November 27
The 'Comet Holmes Effect'?

Dear Jonathan,
Australia now has a new prime minister. Do you think Comet Holmes played a part in this?

Dear Katherine,
I am tempted to say no. Though I correctly predicted the result of the antipodean election, I did not really need special astrological powers to foresee it. The writing was already on this particular wall. Interestingly though, it was my Australian colleague, Yasmin Boland, who identified a connection between Comet Holmes and 'women across the world becoming more powerful'. For the first time ever, Australia now has a female deputy prime minister. So maybe the Comet WAS responsible.

Wednesday November 28
Pluto - the end of an era?

Dear Jonathan,
Has it come to your mind that the downsizing of Pluto into a dwarf planet might signify the end of the era of warriors and armies? Might it suggest an end to dependence on power drawn from the 'underworld' (like oil, gas and coal) and a time when, instead, we draw energy from the sun, water, wind and biomass?

Dear Jürgen,
It has come to my mind. And yes, our grandchildren can look forward to a cleaner, more peaceful world. But we have not heard the last of Pluto nor seen the end of its influence!

Thursday November 29
The other side of Scorpio

Hi Jonathan,
Did you read about the discovery of a giant sea scorpion that existed millions of years ago? They think it may have been up to eight feet long. Apparently they now say all arachnids may be descendants of this creature. No wonder Scorpio is a water sign! Being a Scorpio, I feel proud.

Dear Amanda,
I did read that. It sent shivers down my spine. I have never been comfortable with the traditional symbolism of Scorpio and have long explored ancient correlations between this sign and the eagle or the phoenix. This makes much more sense!

Friday November 30
Water signs

Pisces, the sign of the fish, and Cancer, sign of the crab are obviously water signs. But why does Scorpio also belong to this element? Nobody is sure. Recently, though, the remains of a giant sea scorpion have been found. My predecessors clearly knew something. But then, here's another mystery. Why is Capricorn not a water sign when it is always depicted as a sea-goat? The Sumerians worshipped Ea, a figure with a goat's head and fish's tail. By the time of Ptolemy, 2,000 years ago, the name had become Capricornus and the earth sign classification was beyond question.

Saturday December 1
Your Weekend

2008 is just around the corner. By the time we've bought a few presents, taken some holiday time, eaten and drunk a bit too much... and generally gone through all the regular December dramas, we'll be... well... where WILL we be? Somewhere the same but different. That comet in Perseus has left a lasting impression on the astrological outlook for the whole planet. On the surface much may seem to be as it always was, but hearts and minds are changing all over the globe. An awakening process has begun. A happier tale is about to be told.


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