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December 31 2007 to January 6 2008

Monday December 31
Happy New Year

It seems some people are not looking forward to 2008. I keep hearing comments about a 'troublesome' year. There are concerns about stress, strife, unrest, upheaval, insecurity, conflict, recession, environmental disaster and 'general gloom'. Think, though, of all the years that have started off full of promise. Some have proved very disappointing. This one's the other way round. Looks tricky. Turns out good. No matter what's worrying you, once it gets properly under way, you'll have reason to feel more reassured... even inspired.

Tuesday January 1
Happy New Year!

In late January, an asteroid could crash into Mars. Experts reckon there's a one in twenty five chance of collision. If it happens, what influence it will have? Well, we know that such events have happened before but we don't know when. That means we can't look back and learn from the last time. And the ancients, who left us most of our astrological knowledge, never said anything about cosmic collisions. My feeling though, is that if there is an impact, it will spell the start of a phase during which the whole human race becomes much more motivated.

Wednesday January 2

We know the Earth goes round the Sun, but we tend to imagine that it travels in a circle. Actually, the orbit is egg-shaped. That means there are times when we are nearer the Sun than others. Today, believe it or not, we are at our closest. Interestingly there's argument about whether or not the Greeks knew this. Strange, then, that they had a word for it! Perihelion was their term. By the way, the fact that we are close to the Sun has no impact on the temperature. That's governed by the angle of the earth's axis.

Thursday January 3
2008 Chart

Friday January 4
A pundit writes...

The holiday season is hardly over, but already, the 'experts' are out in force. Like uniformed cult members they twist their ties, clutch their calculators and mutter into media microphones, eerie incantations such as 'credit crunch' and 'economic slowdown'. The pundits also warn of falling house prices and job losses. Pundit, interestingly, is a Hindi word. Long before economists and even social commentators were ever thought of, it applied to seers, sages and stargazers. I am proud to be called a pundit and happy to predict, despite all you may hear elsewhere, a very prosperous 2008 for the planet.

Saturday January 5
Your Weekend

Happy New Year! That's not a wish, it's a prediction! Happiness lies ahead for us all now. So, too, mind you, does strife. These two things are always in our future. They are like parallel paths providing trackways through time. We can take the train of our lives along either. It isn't always easy, though, to switch from one to the other. But the planets promise a series of positive points before long.

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