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March 10 2008 to March 16 2008

Monday March 10
A Glimpse of the Future

Last week, I said I was beginning to regret making my Hillary Clinton prediction. This week, I am beginning to regret beginning to regret it! As I often explain, making a prediction is like standing outside a stadium while a vital game is being played. Doors are locked, transmissions blocked. All you have to go on is crowd noise. Where are the shouts coming from? To discover more, you put on spring heeled shoes and jump till you briefly see over the wall. Keep jumping and you may eventually glimpse the scoreboard. I stick by what I have seen.

Tuesday March 11
Spring is here!

Yesterday, I mentioned seeing the future with spring heeled boots. One wag emailed to ask where they can buy this mystical footware. All I meant was, even when a high wall separates today from tomorrow, you can sometimes see over it. Nor are 'astro boots' the only viable tools. Some prefer tea-leaf trampolines or make ladders out of statistics! No matter what method you employ, you'll get only a glimpse and it may still mislead you. You may, to revisit our football analogy, see the ball hit the net but miss the bit where the referee disallows the goal.

Wednesday March 12
See the future

If it is really possible to see the future, how come we don't all see it all the time? Actually, we do! We see it whenever we book ourselves a return ticket, whenever we arrange to meet someone, or save for a rainy day, or just 'get the feeling' that it would be a good to do this... instead of that. Do we see the future or do we create it? Well, sometimes both, sometimes neither. But, as I'll explain soon, it's what we can't see and don't seem able to shape that can probably teach us the most.

Thursday March 13
A closer look at Saturn

Notice where the Sun goes down tonight, then look in the opposite direction. That golden light in the dusk is Saturn. That much you can see. What's not so visible, even through a telescope, is a spacecraft called Cassini, currently performing a thrilling fly-by of Enceladus, one of Saturn's Moons. Enceladus has water on it. Some think it's an ocean. If so, there may be life there. Meanwhile, the Moon is slowly getting full, just in time for the Easter Equinox. The last time Easter fell so early in the year was 1913. It won't happen again till 2160.

Friday March 14
The Inner Time Machine

To reveal the secrets of tomorrow, you must either project your mind forward in time or somehow find where the future is hiding within the present. The inner time machine runs on a heady mixture of intuition and imagination. You need 'just enough' imagination. Too much and you'll see what you want to see. Too little and, when you're looking at something unfamiliar, you will misunderstand whatever you are being shown. And if you ever have a vested interest in the outcome of a situation, your ability to see which way it is really going will be severely compromised.

Saturday March 15
Your Weekend

Remember those brave resolutions that you made in January? If you haven't had total success in your effort to give (or take) up a habit... here's another chance. On Thursday, we reach the equinox - the point of the year when the days and nights are of equal length. It's also when the Sun moves into Aries and astrological New Year begins. Then, on Friday night, there's a potent Full Moon. That's a clear sign that, if you truly desire a big change in the way you lead your life, you have every chance in the world of managing to make it happen.

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