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March 17 2008 to March 23 2008

Monday March 17
The fortune teller's tools

Instinct is a powerful aid to fortune telling. So too, is intellect. There's usually a hidden pattern or reason why events tend to occur. Through logic, observation and a degree of detective work, many accurate predictions can be made. Astrology is also a valuable tool with which to recognise the secret cycles that link one natural event to another. The tool becomes sharper if you study events that went unanticipated. Once you can work out why this was and what you must have missed, you are really on the way to a far greater grasp of what's in store.

Tuesday March 18
Tragedy in Tibet

Less than a year ago I was in Tibet, strolling the very streets that have just witnessed such wreckage and carnage. It was obvious then that the long-suffering Tibetans were planning to protest in the run-up to the Olympics. It was obvious too, that this would be followed by a violent crackdown. We won't get to know much more about this, though, because news reports are already being banned. One day, we will live in a world that cares more about justice than entertainment. Till then, this year's gold medal for repression, oppression and suppression goes... to China!

Wednesday March 19
Equinox and a Full Moon

Dear Jonathan,
You say that the equinox tomorrow - the movement of the Sun into Aries - and this weekend's Full Moon all combine to favour positive change and the chance to break old, bad habits. I happen to know, though, that a very famous Greek astrologer predicts an unfavourable week for everybody, exactly because of all this! Does this mean that she chooses to view the bad aspect of the astrological phenomena and that you choose to view the good side? Or is it a matter of correct and incorrect interpretation?

Dear Thalia,
Soon enough, you can judge for yourself!

Thursday March 20
Day of the Equinox

It's the equinox. The days and nights are of equal length. The Sun is moving into the first sign of the zodiac. For Tibetans, Mayans, Persians ... and astrologers, it's a deeply significant time of rebirth and renewal. A solar celebration that happens on the same day every year. Unusually, though, there's a Full Moon too, triggering the lunar 'floating festivals' of Hindu Holi, Jewish Purim, Pagan Ostara and Christian Easter. Auspicious, powerful alignments insist that, whether you're celebrating all, some or none of the above (and despite all the gloom in the news) we'll all have something to celebrate soon.

Friday March 21
Mixed Blessing

We're at the mid-point of the Sun's journey across the horizon and the time when days and nights are of equal length. There's also a Full Moon, indicative of secrets being revealed, fears being faced and changes being instigated. Often, at powerful times like this, it becomes hard to tell what's good... and what's bad. Take for example, the situation in Tibet. The news is dreadful... but the fact that it is still reaching us all is deeply encouraging!

Saturday March 22
Your Weekend

Happy New Year. The equinox is upon us. The days and nights are of equal length. The Sun has moved into the sign of Aries and whilst all this happens every year around this time, there's an extra special factor this year. The equinox coincides with a Full Moon. Powerful forces are being stirred up. Dramatic changes are being set in motion. Exciting challenges are being presented. It's not a time for hiding anything from anyone, but wherever we can now find the courage to be honest, we will soon start to make the most amazing gains. No matter what once looked hopeless, there's fresh hope now.

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