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March 24 2008 to March 30 2008

Monday March 24
Bunnies spring forth

For countless centuries, around the first full moon of Spring, Europeans have held a festival in honour of Eostre, spirit of the dawn. She symbolises fertility and fecundity, qualities that were desperately important to the ancients. They remain essential to us all today. Without the birth of new creatures and the rebirth of plants after winter, everyone would soon starve. Eostre had a husband, Lepus, who took the form of a hare. According to legend, Eostre granted him the ability to lay eggs. Over time, the hare became even more emasculated. He is now the Easter Bunny. But even in the Southern Hemisphere where the seasons are reversed, the goddess, clearly, still holds her power.

Tuesday March 25
Bad news, good news!

What with recession, bird flu, climate change and a global food shortage, there's plenty for us to worry about. I hate to add to the list but.. Saturn's rings are shrinking. In September 2009 they will vanish. The good news? Recession won't bite too deep or last too long, bird flu won't become a pandemic, climate change will be addressed in time, the threat of a global food shortage will prove false and Saturn's rings will be back. It's just that once every 14 or 15 years, this planet turns itself 'edge on' to Earth for a while.

Wednesday March 26
Disappearing Rings

Dear Jonathan
Yesterday, you said that Saturn's rings are getting harder to see and will vanish next year. What does this mean from an astrological perspective?

Dear Kelly,
Ancient tradition does not tell us how to interpret this phenomenon because, until the invention of the telescope, nobody knew it was happening. Galileo, in 1612, was the first to notice it. Most modern astrologers would say that Saturn is the planet of limitation and that rings signify constraint too. Their disappearance implies a time when the usual sources of restriction lose power and more folk find more freedom.

Thursday March 27
Time keeps on slipping... into the future.

I recently wrote about time and how it seems to be speeding up. Many readers say they have noticed this. I know that days pass quicker for adults than children . The whole topic may just be a conversation between folk who can't accept that their perceptions have altered with age. There are, though, some who say the universe is expanding and that this is somehow exacerbating the effect. It may also be that we are getting closer to the point in human history, where the power to speed up, slow down and ultimately travel through time finally becomes feasible.

Friday March 28
Turning on to turning off

Tomorrow evening, we are all invited to turn off our lights for an hour. This, apparently, will help save the planet and combat climate change. It won't make much impact if we turn them straight back on again afterwards but the organisers of 'Earth Hour' hope this communal, international gesture will bring energy conservation to the front of more minds. Cities officially joining in include Atlanta, Bangkok, Christchurch, Dublin, Manila, Ottawa , San Francisco, Sydney, Tel Aviv, Vancouver... and Plymouth. You don't, though, need to live in those places to participate. All you have to do is flick a switch.

Saturday March 29
Your Weekend

As we approach April, each day takes us closer to the point where first Mercury, then Venus, will enter Aries. Then, there will be a New Moon in this sign. So is that good news for Aries and indifferent news for everyone else? On the contrary. It symbolises the release of fresh energy. All of us, no matter what sign we are, will feel the benefit. First, we'll see something fall apart or come to an end. Then, whilst we are still bemoaning our loss, the phoenix will arise from the ashes. Somehow, in every life this week, something wonderful will emerge from a process that has been difficult.

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