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March 31 2008 to April 6 2008

Monday March 31
Pluto, the god of small things

Astronomers downgraded Pluto because, they say, it is too small. Pluto, though, rules things so small that they cannot be seen. Subatomic particles. Some types of viral infection. Invisible, insidious anxieties that periodically permeate the minds of millions. Recently, Pluto entered a sign traditionally associated with structure, power and money. Since then, the 'zeitgeist'" of global gloom has moved from war, plague or terrorism to the collapse of financial institutions. Pluto, though, does not and cannot actually 'cause' these things. It can just, if we allow it, awaken so much fear that we end up creating self-fulfilling prophecies.

Tuesday April 1
Zimbabwe: The future

On January 11 this year, a reader called Nigel asked, 'Dear Jonathan, The people of Zimbabwe have long suffered economic and social meltdown. There seems to be no end to this in sight. Can you see anything hopeful ahead?' In my reply I predicted a wonderful turn-around within two years. The elections, just held there, have produced a controversial result. That could be construed as evidence that the 'wonderful turn-around' has already begun. I fear, though, that there are still a few less than wonderful developments to ensue before a new era truly dawns for this troubled land.

Wednesday April 2
Digging for secrets

Scientists are digging up a part of Stonehenge. Normally, I'd be dead against messing with an ancient site of sacred secrets. This investigation, though, is different. They're digging gently down below one of the older stones in the hope of extracting a little carbon. Using state of the art dating techniques, it should finally prove possible to put an accurate age on (at least part of) the structure. It's my belief that this monument is much older (and more important) than many in Britain seem to think. It deserves greater respect. I hope this helps it to get it.

Thursday April 3
What the ancients had in mind

We may not know exactly when the ancients made Stonehenge. We do know that they made it with heavenly bodies in mind. In particular they were interested in the cycles of the Sun. The daily rising and setting. The twice-yearly 'shift in direction'. The times of greatest elevation. It's tempting to wonder what they would have made of the 'giant Tsunami' that recently rolled across the solar surface. It's a safe bet though, that they would have read a lot into it. Each time the sun releases a new wave of energy, new possibilities present themselves in all our lives.

Friday April 4
Postcard from Nepal

One of my teenage daughters is in Nepal as part of a team helping at an orphanage. Here's her latest email: 'Hi Dad, the hotel is nice, but there's no electricity, so we are using candles. Someone showed us photos of the Tibetans who died in recent protests. It is illegal to say 'F.T.'* (Don't want to write the words in case email is intercepted and I get into trouble.) We go on a trek tomorrow then back in time for the elections... fun fun fun! If I hear more from our roving reporter, I'll pass it on.

[*Free Tibet]

Saturday April 5
Your Weekend

Do you feel, yet, as if you are living in a different world? And, er.. if so, is that in a good way... or a worrying way? In April, as the Sun, Venus and Mercury move through Aries, things really start to move on. The future has been lurking in the shadows, hiding behind corners, hovering quietly in the background. Now it is starting to reveal itself. It turns out, though, reassuringly. that the future only wants one thing from us. A willingness to put the past behind us and create a world containing more love, trust and respect, less resentment, fear and fury.

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