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April 7 2008 to April 13 2008

Monday April 7
Mugabe: Uranus return

Robert Mugabe was born on February 21, 1924. The most noteworthy point about his horoscope is neither his zodiac sign nor the position of the Moon on the day he was born. Even his fiery Mars Jupiter conjunction, though it explains his hunger for power, isn't the current key factor. Mugabe has just lived through his 'Uranus return'. The planet of innovation takes 84 years to get once round the zodiac. This doesn't always change a person's beliefs beyond all recognition, but it inevitably makes them reconsider their position. Inwardly, whatever he now says or does, Mugabe 'wants out'.

Tuesday April 8
Uranus return

Yesterday, I wrote about a powerful astrological influence, only ever experienced by people in their eighties. The 'Uranus return' can take place between 82-85 and tends to inspire a desire for radical change even if this involves doing the previously unthinkable. Robert Mugabe's horoscope set me off on this subject. He turned 84 in February. But consider this. Nelson Mandela stepped down just before turning 81, Fidel Castro will be 82 in August and the Reverend Ian Paisley turned 82 on Sunday. The Queen also turns 82 later this month. Apropos of nothing, Prince Charles turns 60 in November.

Wednesday April 9
Uranus return: Biology... AND astrology!

I have been talking this week about a once-in-a-lifetime influence that affects people who reach 84. Several readers have pointed out that many folk change their lives at that age. 'It's not astrology... it's biology!' But then, astrology wouldn't be much good if it didn't encompass the obvious. Interestingly, Uranus is not the only planet that has a powerful influence at age 84. Saturn takes about 28 years to go once round the zodiac. That also puts us through profound processes which oblige us to review our limits and renew our commitments at (roughly) ages 28, 56 and... 84.

Thursday April 10
Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter: Many happy returns

The heavenly bodies in our solar system are forever circling the sky. When one of them gets back to the position it occupied on the day a person was born, we say it has 'returned'. When the Sun appears to come back we say it is a 'birthday' and wish each other 'Many Happy Returns'. This week, I have been talking about other returns. Uranus, for example, which takes 84 years to come back and Saturn, which returns roughly around ages 28, 56 and 84. Jupiter returns once every 12 years. So it comes back for a seventh time around aged 84!

Friday April 11
Email from my daughter

Here's another email from my daughter, who is helping at an orphanage in Nepal. 'Hi Dad,
Me and my friend Inca spent time with the babies today. I want to bring them all home. Great idea, huh? Nepalese people are very friendly. We helped them buy a load of baby milk and 150 pairs of shoes. Now we are going to try and sort out the electrics in the orphanage because the plugs are all burned out. Liz (Inca's mum) fitted smoke alarms and fire blankets. Guess what? Five bombs have gone off in Kathmandu since yesterday... Eeeekk!! Love to everyone,

Saturday April 12
Your Weekend

Mars and Jupiter edge ever closer towards an opposition this week. That's a powerful influence, regardless of what sign you were born. It suggests a tug-o-war, a battle between two forces, pulling in opposite directions. In your life, somewhere, that kind of tension is arising. In the wider world, you can see it in the news. A drama has been brewing for a while. It will come to a head over the next couple of weeks. Will anyone win? Only those who are willing to reach and work for compromise. Nobody is about to get it all their own way. But where there's give and take, there's the potential for comfort and completion.

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