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May 5 2008 to May 11 2008

Monday May 5

American presidents, when they reach the end of their second terms, start wanting to leave a mark; not just on their nation but on the world. Before he left office, Ronald Reagan stopped calling Russia an 'evil empire' and held several summits with President Gorbachev. They were so successful, they helped bring down the Berlin Wall. Bill Clinton's big idea was to bring peace to the Middle-East. During his final year, he tried hard but failed. George Bush is now attempting the same trick. The 'expert consensus' is that he won't get far either. I beg to differ.

Tuesday May 6

For most of the weekend, we have been under 'The Dark of the Moon'. When there is no moon in the sky, distant stars appear brighter. This may explain the belief that, on a moonless night, it is easier to see into mystic realms. Or it may not. Many clairvoyants insist that, though they make no special study of the sky, they can always tell when there is no moon because their powers suddenly sharpen. If you have lately had a vivid dream or a powerful hunch, pay heed. It may soon prove to be surprisingly relevant or meaningful.

Wednesday May 7
Spaceship Earth

We are all, wherever we live, passengers on Spaceship Earth. This craft never stops for new boarders. It just keeps travelling while hundreds of thousands of new arrivals are 'beamed on board' each day. Each day too, enormous numbers depart. We, though, only ever tend to see people entering or leaving in ones or twos. That's why we cannot comprehend events like the cyclone in Burma. One person, we can mourn for. Tens of thousands? That's mind-boggling. Humans are always tempted to ignore whatever we can't comprehend. Our bereaved fellow travellers in this region, though, now deserve attention. If you'd like to help, go here: Burma/Myanmar Action Aid

Thursday May 8

Dear Jonathan,
Traditionally, London is a Gemini city. Ken Livingstone is a Gemini. So is Boris Johnson. Why didn't you mention this?
Dear Rasaq,
Under the circumstances, I didn't think predicting a Gemini winner would be helpful!

Dear Jonathan,
You have said a lot lately about Pluto entering a new sign. Don't you think it's odd that this should coincide with the terrible story from Austria about Elisabeth Fritzl? The way her father kidnapped her and kept her prisoner underground for all those years, is spookily close to the legend of Pluto and Persephone.
Dear Paula,

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Friday May 9

Yesterday, we compared the myth of Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, to the tragic story of Josef Fritzl's family. Several emails have since mentioned the discoveries in the cellar of a Jersey care home which emerged soon after Pluto changed sign this year. Other recent news includes a secret nuclear submarine base found in Chinese caves and volcanoes in Chile suddenly releasing energy from deep below the earth. What else can we expect? Well, in Central Russia, members of a religious sect are expecting the end of the world. They have gone into an underground cave to await it!

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Saturday May 10
Your Weekend

The two brightest planets are, usually, Jupiter and Venus. Venus shines so strongly because it is our nearest neighbour. Jupiter is much further away and much larger, so it reflects more light. Jupiter governs hope, joy, celebration, justice, growth and prosperity. Venus rules pleasure, popularity, creativity, procreativity, luxury, comfort and love. They are now harmoniously aligned across the circle we call the zodiac. An alien in a passing spaceship would not see them as we do. But astrology is for earthlings. As above, so below. It looks as if these two planets traditionally associated with good fortune are now joined at a happy angle, and it looks too, as if many people in our world will find this an exceptionally enjoyable week.

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