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January 7 2008 to January 13 2008

Monday January 7
Now is the Time.

Live TV shows are always broadcast with a delay so that offensive remarks can be cut. Some are filmed earlier but 'as if they were live'. Others are officially live, but are so dull that they have hardly any life in them. Some folk are having a debate about when a transmission is or isn't live. We could have a similar debate about this page.. When are you reading it? Now! When did I write it? Well.... er.... ask any esoteric philosopher or quantum physicist. Ultimately, all time is the same time. There's only one now. And that's now!

Tuesday January 8
Aung San Suu Kyi

Few people have heard of Aung San Suu Kyi. She deserves, in 2008, to become better known. Suu Kyi is, to Burma, what Nelson Mandela once was to South Africa. This peaceful campaigner for democracy has been kept prisoner by the military government for decades. I wish I could predict freedom, as well as fame for her this year. For Osama Bin Laden, in 2008. I predict an end to life in the shadows. Soon we will all know where he is and where he has been. And the current, shocking situation in Kenya will become much more stable.

Wednesday January 9
Trading places

Some astronomers think that millions of years ago, Neptune and Uranus traded places. This is a fascinating theory, as is the notion that Mercury was once much larger and further from the Sun. Another idea is that where the asteroid belt lies today, a giant celestial body once exploded. Sadly, none of this explains why Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton appear to have traded places in the affections of the Democrat party. Several people have asked me whether I still want to stick with my forecast of a female US president. For the record, I never retract a prediction.

Thursday January 10
Riding the 2008 roller coaster

2008 has already become a roller coaster ride for many people. More ups and downs await. As fast as we think we know which direction we're heading in, things change. That's unnerving for those who like things to stay the same. It's also a challenge to astrologers who often rely for the success of their predictions on the fact that most folk, most of the time, do whatever's most obvious. It is now getting harder to see what the obvious IS. But unless you like living in a superficial world, that's fine. WIth complexity comes depth, growth and wisdom.

Friday January 11
Better weather ahead

Dear Jonathan,
The people of Zimbabwe have long suffered economic and social meltdown. There seems to be no end to this in sight. Can you see anything hopeful ahead? Nigel

Dear Jonathan,
What do you see for the US stockmarket this year? Ian

Dear Ian and Nigel,
I feel like a weather forecaster in the middle of winter. Yes, it is cold now. It may well get chillier before it gets warmer. But within six months or so, there will be bright rays of hope on the world's economic horizon. As for Zimbabwe, a wonderful turn-around will begin there within two years. Jonathan

Saturday January 12
Your Weekend

Imagine if the planets only ever formed hopeful, helpful alignments. How bored would we be? Life's conflicts keep us alert and excited. Life's problems stretch our patience and teach us wisdom. In retrospect, that's easy to see. While we're going through a tough time, though, it's easy to get angry with an unco-operative sky. This week's aspects involve classic 'aggravating angles' of tension. All major issues will resolve themselves well. But all have the potential to drag us into the quicksand of confusion... if we allow them to!

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