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May 26 2008 to June 1 2008

Monday May 26
Where in the World?

I recently found myself having a conversation about mythical cities. I can't remember how we got onto the topic. I just know I suddenly found myself saying evocative words like Atlantis, Avalon, El Dorado, Lemuria, Tir na nÓg, Mu, Shambhala and Shangri-La. It struck me that this is a surprisingly long list... and I'm pretty sure it is incomplete. For a moment, I wondered why nobody has ever produced an atlas of all these places. Then it dawned on me: they can't. Because with a few exceptions, none of us know where they are. Or were. Or will be.

Tuesday May 27

Have you seen those amazing new pictures from Mars? SInce they were released, I've been staring at them long and hard. Some people say that such images destroy the mystery of astrology, They feel it is sad to see ancient mythical symbols portrayed as mundane deserts of dust. To me, though, it seems very appropriate that we are now being treated to these images. Those distant lights in the sky don't lose meaning or importance in close up, any more than film stars become less fascinating, just because we have all glimpsed 'their ordinary images' courtesy of the paparrazi.

Wednesday May 28
More on Mythical Lands

I keep thinking about all those mythical cities. They have many names and differing descriptions but some, at least, sound remarkably similar. So too, do some of the legends that accompany them. Many stories suggest that one day they will be rediscovered. We now live in strange times. If they seem at all normal to us, it is only because we have developed coping mechanisms that involve taking everything in our stride. I suspect, though, that news of some old lost world will soon be one of the signs that our own world is about to start getting even stranger!

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Thursday May 29

Dear Jonathan,
If God created the universe, then the universe must have a 'birthday'. So it must have a birth chart. I wonder what this would tell us?

Dear Akos,
Assuming, that is, that God did indeed create the universe. Some folk think the universe created God. And even if God is the culprit, 'the universe' includes 'time'. So surely, it must also include 'non-time'. Infinity. Eternity. Forever. Maybe the universe never got created because it was always there. If so, we're stuck. You can't cast a horoscope of something that will never end... and which never began.

I will be speaking in the late afternoon on Sunday June 1 at the Sunrise Celebration near Yeovilton, Somerset. If you'd like to come along, click here.

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Friday May 30

Mercury has just changed direction. So, as I am sure you have already noticed, have several key situations, numerous seemingly crucial plans and a large number of people's lives. Even amongst the world's keenest optimists, there are few who are entirely ecstatic about what's happening in their lives at the moment. The wind of change, though, is still blowing and the new status quo has by no means been established. Whatever you're unhappy about, worried by, afraid of, or dealing with, you'll be up against a different set of circumstances soon. These, despite all apparently negative indications, will eventually prove to be far better.

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Saturday May 31
Your Weekend

The coming month brings us to the solstice: that powerful twice-yearly turning point of the Sun in its journey along the horizon. This year, just as the equinox was accompanied by a Full Moon, so the solstice falls almost directly under the bright lunar rays. Those who prefer to stay in the shadows or operate in half-darkness may find life a little uncomfortable soon. Those with nothing to hide - or with enough courage to openly admit their past mistakes and concede their desire to move on from them - will thrive and prosper. Mars and Neptune insist that anyone perpetrating a deception is highly likely to be found out.

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