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June 16 2008 to June 22 2008

Monday June 16
Flawless Plan

Dear Jonathan,
As we have recently survived another Friday the 13th, I thought you'd find it amusing that in my residential building in Hong Kong it seems that both the local Chinese and Westerners have been considered in the floor numbering. There are no floors with the Number 4 (sounds like 'death' in Chinese) in and there is no 13th Floor. I live on the 15th floor, thus the floor below me is the 12th!
Regards, Brett

Dear Brett,
What always amazes me about such arrangements, is the notion that the gods of fate and fortune are so easily fooled.

Tuesday June 17
Full Moon in June!

Expect some excitement. The Moon is full tonight. It will be full tomorrow too, but by mid-evening tomorrow, it will be 'past full' and no longer in Sagittarius (the sign opposite Gemini, which is where the Sun now sits). Mercury, is in Gemini too. Though the communication and commerce planet normally spends about three weeks in each sign, it entered Gemini in early May and won't leave till around July 10. That's because it has been busily slowing down, standing still and moving backwards. This week, it begins forward motion again. Many people will notice an immediate improvement.

Wednesday June 18
Full Moon

We get a Full Moon in each sign once a year. Signs though, are big places.To speak of Sagittarius as just one sector of the sky is like describing Scotland as a single place. There's a big difference between Dumfries and Inverness. The latest Full Moon, unusually, falls in a very special part of Sagittarius. It aligns with the Galactic Centre. a part of the Milky Way that our entire solar system slowly orbits. This suggests that all humanity is reaching a turning point. The impossible is becoming possible. Regardless of our fears, our future has never looked brighter.

Thursday June 19
Solstice: UK, Europe and USA

The days are getting longer. The Sun is sinking ever further in the North-west. We are aproaching a time so important to our ancestors that they built Stonehenge in its honour. Once, the solstice was a grand occasion when millions would forget their cares as they gathered to share a feast. The Winter Solstice is still celebrated in this way. The name has changed (we call it Christmas these days), but there's no denying the ancient cosmic origin of the festival. Sadly though, the midsummer equivalent has lapsed, leaving a strange gaping hole in the rhythm of the year.

Friday June 20
Solstice Celebrations

On Friday at sacred sites across Britain, thousands will stay up all night to celebrate the Solstice. Since I noted the lack of an official occasion to mark this event, several people have suggested that Glastonbury and Wimbledon fulfil this role. Mike in the USA makes that point about July 4. Zoe says that what, for Australians, is the Winter Solstice is celebrated in the Blue Mountains while Steve in Sweden says his traditional way to greet the midsummer dawn involves eating raw fish, drinking vodka and dancing round a giant phallic symbol while pretending to be a frog

Saturday June 21
Your Weekend

Imagine a pendulum swinging slowly back and forth. That's the Sun on an invisible stick, tracing a path across the horizon. A 'swing' from one side to the other, takes exactly half a year. The Sun has just 'swung' to its furthest extreme. Now it is turning the other way, Mercury is also 'changing direction' this week. It has been retracing its steps for a while. Now it starts to head forward once more. Does that sound to you as if fortune's tide may be about to turn? Well done! You are beginning to get the hang of how astrology works!

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