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June 23 2008 to June 29 2008

Monday June 23
Prophecies set in stone

I didn't see the Sun come up on Saturday. The sky was too cloudy. So I decided to listen instead. Around 5am, I put one ear against an ancient upright in the centre of Stonehenge. Suddenly, the sound of 30,000 solstice revellers faded. I heard one clear, calm whisper. 'Everything now happening in this world is part of a long prophesied moment in the evolution of humanity.' As individuals and nations, we are being forced to face fears and overcome them. Even our concerns about financial and natural resources are a part of this chance to choose new priorities.

Tuesday June 24

Mercury is no longer retrograde. The Sun and Venus are in Cancer. Jupiter is in Capricorn, bright in the evening sky. Mars is in Leo, and Saturn still in the early part of Virgo. These are not "constellation positions" but measurements according to an equally divided ecliptic, as is traditional among western astrologers. We may be officially living through tough times, but these planets and their alignments speak, according to the ancient language of the sky, of a time when commerce can thrive, hope can be renewed, compassion can be nurtured and empty threats can be exposed and overcome.

Wednesday June 25
Clever Cogs

I recently tried to explain the solstice to my seven-year-old daughter. We watched the sunset in the West. I pointed out a tree a long way to the side and reminded her that, at Christmas, we had seen the Sun go down behind it. I told her about long days and short nights, the turning of the Earth and the tilt of its axis. She did her best to take this all in. She said, 'Who made it all?' I didn't answer. I like my children to form their own opinions. She went on, 'How very clever.'

Thursday June 26

Dear Jonathan,
I liked your story about explaining the mechanics of the Solstice to your young daughter. It reminds me of when my own daughter was five and had questions about everything. One day, she asked me how the world was made. I replied, in what I hoped was a wise way, that Mother God and Father God made everything on Earth... and in the Universe. She hesitated and asked "Well then, Daddy, who is Mother God and Father God's Mother and Father?" I am still contemplating the best way to answer that one!

Dear Brett,
Me too!

Friday June 27

This afternoon at 4.30pm, I'll be talking at Glastonbury Festival. In case you know anyone there, the full local address is 'Speaker's Forum' in 'Green Futures'. From this you can gather that I believe the world has a future worth speaking about! Not so the man I met last night who insisted that the end is incontrovertibly imminent. I argued back till I realised that he was actually revelling in his pessimism.

Rather than try to work in the middle of a field, I have asked Steve Judd to sit in for me from Monday to Wednesday next week.

Saturday June 28
Your Weekend

Under a waning moon, some sensitive people often start to feel as if their inner balloons have been pierced.... and all the air is seeping out of them. Even those who have something to celebrate grow aware that they have something to worry about too. Emotions intensify while rational thoughts decline. Eventually, though, the moon wanes so far that it vanishes. The ancients called this 'The Dark of The Moon'. At such times we are all supposed to be more intuitive, more inventive, more psychic and more spiritual. This week's New Moon will bring magic, one way or another, to us all.

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