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July 14 2008 to July 20 2008

Monday July 14

Dear Jonathan,
I recall you saying that 2008 would be a rough year to begin with, but things would improve before the end. With many countries teetering on the brink of recession, oil and food prices going through the roof, and financial disasters still hitting the headlines, how much longer before things start getting better?

Dear Roberto,
I predicted August/September would bring the first piece of good news for quite some while on the global economic front. I am still sure this will come but it may take a few months more before the current passion for pessimism evaporates entirely.

Tuesday July 15

Dear Jonathan,
You once compared a planet being discovered to a light being turned on in a room. Until then, you said, nobody knew what was in that room, so it didn't have an influence. So what about Pluto? The light has been turned off in that room!

Dear Duncan,
Are you sure that is actually what I said? Anyway, there's a big difference between downplaying something you know about and not knowing about it in the first place. Pluto governs obsessive beliefs and things we are in denial of. To let it return to darkness is weirdly appropriate.

Wednesday July 16

Dear Jonathan,
What do you make of crystal skulls?

Dear Melissa,
You mean the amazing life-size skulls, carved from a single piece of crystal that supposedly come from ancient temples in South America? I've seen one. Touched it. The closer I got, the easier it was to imagine why it might be one of thirteen which, if they are all gathered together in 2012, may stop the end of the Mayan Calendar from meaning the end of the world. Was it really a modern fake? Who cares? Crystal skulls are spookily lovely, whatever the truth about their origins.

Thursday July 17
Where's Wolfie?

According to the calendar, the Full Moon is supposed to be tomorrow. But by Friday night it will be past full and starting to wane. The time to start locking up your werewolf is now! Watch how much you drink, how far you push your point, how wound up you get, how much you worry, how seriously you take your problems, how deeply you let fears of a prolonged recession unnerve you, how resentful you become about food and petrol prices... and how passionate you become! You could have a lot of fun... or a lot of unnecessary angst!

Friday July 18
Beware the Full Moon...

The Moon became fully full just before it sank below the horizon this morning. By the time it rises tonight, it will be ever so slightly past full. Still, though, it is full enough for witches to gather under, vampires to fly past, zombies to rise with and Werewolves to howl at. The impact of a Full Moon is always, somehow, more noticeable at a weekend. Probably, this is because folk are more likely then to drink, to go out and to stay up late. Enthusiasm for nocturnal activity of every kind is about to become dramatically more pronounced.

Saturday July 19
Your Weekend

Jupiter remains the brightest planet in the evening sky, rising higher each evening. Many people assume, when they see it, that they are looking at Venus, but she has been a goddess of the dawn lately and it won't really be till next month that she resumes her position as queen of the twilight. The world may be full of people who are worried about recession, inflation, doom and gloom - but Jupiter is the planet of hope and, for as long as it is so clear on the horizon, there has to be something positive happening. This week, despite our fears, we'll all find something to smile about.

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