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January 14 2008 to January 20 2008

Monday January 14
No room for gloom!

We live on a beautiful planet, full of wonderful people. Nature is breathtakingly powerful... and generous. Human nature, at its best, is stunningly creative and compassionate. Where, then, does all the pessimism come from? Is there a secret fear factory, belching out a cloud of negativity to darken every horizon? It seems that way, but I remain confident that 2008 will be a great year in many ways. Ignore the reports that we all keep hearing about tough times ahead. Are those gloomy prognostications about to become self-fulfilling prophecies? No! All they will become are fading memories.

Tuesday January 15
Royal predictions

Earlier in January, I said this year would be exceptionally important for the Royal Family. I didn't say much more because there is an ethical constraint attached to this topic. An astrologer must never predict the date of someone's death. Generally, princes and princesses ascend to the throne only when their predecessors pass away. I can't, therefore, say when Charles will become king without revealing when Elizabeth will die. Actually, I am not sure that a succession is the big story in 2008. It may be some other issue or event. But whatever it is, it will be big.

Wednesday January 16

Some people believe "You are what you eat." I'm not sure it's so simple but, just as some foods are healthier than others, some can affect our frame of mind. Many psychics say their abilities increase when they eat a vegetarian diet. Even some carnivores believe that if you eat an animal that has been abused, the suffering this creature has felt will be absorbed into your body. Gemini chef, Jamie Oliver, is currently leading a campaign against battery farming. The fact that he is acknowledging the issue is a sign that consciousness is on the rise in 2008.

Thursday January 17
You are what you eat...

Some people say, 'You are what you eat.' Others say that just as some foods are better for our bodies, some can affect our mind. When Dickens' Oliver Twist got into a fight, the workhouse beadle was sure that meat had inflamed the boy's anger. Dietary rules and restrictions play an important part in almost all the world's religions. Many psychics say that their clairvoyant abilities improve when they follow a vegetarian diet. It looks, in 2008, as if people are going to think harder about what they are allowing into their bodies. That can only be positive.

Friday January 18
Moon-Mars conjunction

Yesterday, I visited a new astrology cafe on Glastonbury high street. All the talk there was about tomorrow night's conjunction of the Moon and Mars. It's easy to spot. Just look for the Moon and you'll see Mars just below it. In some parts of the world, people will actually see the Moon eclipsing the red planet. As the Moon (symbol of people power) passes in front of the war planet, those who wish for peace gain a rare chance to exert their influence. Soon, somewhere on this earth, a sorry conflict is about to resolve.

Saturday January 19
Your Weekend

How are you enjoying 2008 so far? For many people it has already been quite a roller coaster. There are plenty more ups and downs in store. But even on the most dramatic fairground attractions, there are also moments of relief and respite. Once we get past this week's Full Moon, we'll enter a surprisingly mellow and comforting phase. First, though, here come just a few more sudden twists, crazy turns and wild moments of runaway emotion. Try not to take any of this too seriously. If something is being shaken up, it is only so that it can be settled back down more sensibly.

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