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July 21 2008 to July 27 2008

Monday July 21

I predict a global campaign soon, to prevent anyone, anywhere making a profit out of conflict. We'll start hearing an argument that it's one thing for the companies who make guns and bombs to charge their costs to the armies who buy them... but another for those firms to add a margin for shareholders dividends, director's bonuses, salespeople's percentages and political lobbyists. As the world edges towards higher consciousness and green living, albeit at a slow pace (I was going to say glacial but glaciers, these days, melt fast) it's inevitable that an idea like this will catch on.

Tuesday July 22
By Jupiter

Jupiter, once it has completed its harmonious alignment to Mars, next forms a similar angle to Saturn. It edges slowly backwards along the ecliptic until early September when it completes this rare aspect, just as it becomes 'stationary'. Meanwhile, we've got a pair of cosmic vanishing acts to look forward to. A solar eclipse, on August 1, and a lunar eclipse on August 16. I know the official story in the world now involves a tale of doom and gloom but the more I look at what's ahead, the more I feel sure our future is full of hope and inspiration.

Wednesday July 23
Hadrian's horoscope

The Emperor Hadrian didn't just build walls, write poetry and enforce laws. He practised astrology too. Back in Roman times, it was an offence punishable by death to be found in possession of the emperor's horoscope. Maybe the only way he could get a reading for himself was to cast his own chart! More likely, though, he was simply a well educated man. Back in those days, after you learned to read, write and handle numbers, you learned the art of mapping the positions of the planets for any moment in time... and how to read meaning into this!

Thursday July 24
Different Light

Hitler, as my carnivorous friends never tire of pointing out, was a vegetarian. Now, it turns out that Radovan Karadzic has spent the last few years working as an alternative healer whilst developing his psychic skills and studying meditation. An act? Perhaps. But it's very difficult to completely fake an interest in such a subtle subject. We are edging now towards a powerful solar eclipse that will eventually cause us to see many people (and situations) in a very different light. As we do, it is worth remembering that sometimes, bad people can do good things. And vice versa!

Friday July 25
Food for Thought

Readers Terry, Gregory and Dennis have each e-mailed to explain that Hitler was not a vegetarian. He was just keen to get his five a day which is not, they say, quite the same thing. I also pondered, yesterday, whether perhaps the world's most wanted war criminal didn't just turn to meditation as disguise but had a genuine interest. Breaking news since then, though, has revealed that Radovan Karadzic kept up his fondness for kebabs washed down with plum brandy. While we should never make superficial judgements, this is probably not the ideal diet for a sincere spiritual seeker.

Saturday July 26
Your Weekend

We are fast approaching a Solar Eclipse. It takes place on August 1 - but already the Moon and Earth are slowly moving into alignment with each other... and with the Sun. The astronomy of an eclipse is fascinating. The astrology is even more gripping. Mystics believe that an invisible cosmic portal opens up, allowing communication with other realms. Some say aliens find it easier to visit us, some say we get into psychic contact with our ancestors... and some just say we are more likely to get a little giddy! So really, this is best thought of as a week when 'anything is possible'. Make sure your anything is a positive thing!

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