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July 28 2008 to August 3 2008

Monday July 28
Astrological Factors

Last week, we discussed the dietary preferences of Hitler and Karadzic. But we didn't discuss their astrological characteristics. But then, if you shared your zodiac sign with a genocidal maniac, would you want to know? Actually, just as every sign has a hall of fame - it has a rogues' gallery. The characteristics that make a person infamous or notorious are not governed exclusively by their sun sign, but are influenced by other complex alignments within their birth chart. Such factors are, thankfully, rare. But when they do crop up they tend to be distributed evenly across the population.

Tuesday July 29

There's a solar eclipse on Friday. It will be followed, a couple of weeks later, by a lunar eclipse. This is the usual pattern. The circumstances necessary for an eclipse last long enough to allow both leading lights in the sky to perform a dramatic vanishing act. Whenever they disappear, they herald the disappearance of something (or someone) else. In the weeks and months after an eclipse, we often see major changes in the corridors of power. We often, too, see financial tides starting to turn. I don't predict an instant end to current woes but I remain optimistic.

Wednesday July 30
Hope on the Horizon

I'm looking forward to Friday's eclipse. Some folk, though, seem nervous of it. That's understandable. Such phenomena are often seen as inauspicious omens. They herald change. For those who want things to stay as they are, that isn't necessarily good. You might wonder who would want the current difficult economic climate to continue... and you might be surprised by the answer. Certainly the doom and gloom mongers of this world are having a field day. They'd be sorry to see real rays of hope on the horizon. Nonethless, at least a few of these are about to start shining!

Thursday July 31
Roll up, Roll up!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, your attention please. After just one more rotation, the amazing Planet Earth is going to align itself with the Sun and the Moon at the very same moment. The tiny ball of rock we call our Moon is going to make the giant fireball star of a Sun entirely disappear. It will slowly, mysteriously vanish and all the light that it casts will be temporarily extinguished. Don't miss this incredible celestial spectacle. (Front row seats require a trip to Outer Mongolia. Restricted views available from UK and Europe. Offer not available in Australia or America.)

Friday August 1
Solar Eclipse

In some parts of the world, today's solar eclipse will be a stunning sight. In others, we may notice a slight darkening of the sky. Astrologers have long known that it is possible to 'capture the energy' of an eclipse - visible or not. That is why many people choose such times for special ceremonies or to launch important plans. I am at the Big Chill festival in the UK working with astrologers to reveal this eclipse's full meaning. On Sunday I will host a symposium on the subject.

Saturday August 2
Your Weekend

Earlier this year, we had two Full Moons in the same sign. This was most unusual but August's cosmic calendar knocks that into a cocked hat. It brings us a New Moon on the first day of the month, and another at the very end of it. This is what some people call a Blue Moon. So, if you are looking for the kind of luck that only turns up once in a month of Sundays... you may just find it! Don't expect it to come via a racetrack or a lottery card. But do act now, as if you expect the impossible to prove possible because if you think positively enough, you may just make it happen.

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