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August 11 2008 to August 17 2008

Monday August 11

People often ask whether an astrological alignment is good or bad. You may as well ask if a bridge is positive or negative. Bridges facilitate important journeys but they also promote undesirable traffic. The recent Solar eclipse, for example, was visible across much of China and Russia. Arguably, it symbolised the Olympic opportunity to link the 'free world' to a land with a terrible reputation. Russia's attack on Georgia, though, is also 'eclipse related'. The best we can hope for is that, like the shadow that wiped out the sun, this dark episode in human history will be brief.

Tuesday August 12
Wandering lights

Look West, shortly after sunset. If you've got a good view of the horizon you should see Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn quite close together. Up and over to the east, Jupiter is visible too. Assuming you noticed the Sun while it was still light you will be able to say, once the Moon rises, that you have seen all seven traditional 'wandering lights' within a few hours. Is this auspicious? Extremely so, according to the ancients. Make a wish, while you can. It may be several years before you get a chance to catch all seven together again.

If it is night time where you are - look up to enjoy the Perseid annual meteor shower.

Wednesday August 13
Perseid meteor shower

Did you see last night's shower of shooting stars? There may be more soon. Spaceship Earth is sailing through a sector of the sky that's full of space debris. As we travel past these rocks, some enter our atmosphere and burn up. It's a lovely reminder that nothing stands still. We are all 'moving on' and should remember this while dealing with issues that look as if they will last forever. lf that's not enough comfort for you, do what people everywhere, since the dawn of time, have always done on sight of a shooting star. Make a wish!

Thursday August 14

In yesterday's Leo forecast I wanted to say that most things look worse than they are. I actually typed, 'Most of it is worse than it looks.' I only realised after receiving some calls from anxious Leos. How embarrassing - though it just goes to prove what I was trying to say! Anyway it's not as bad as the time when I wrote in a Sagittarius forecast: 'Nothing much will happen today, but...' I then went on to make a complex point. The publication in question cut this to: 'Sagittarius: Nothing much will happen today.' Full stop. End of forecast.

I'm in Edinburgh this week, enjoying the festival. There are many wonderful performances to be seen. I must put in a special word for my brother Daniel's brilliant one-man show. It's on each morning at 11.30am at Venue 295, Sweet in Teviot Place - and runs till Tuesday, August 19. It's called 'Jewish Chronicles' and is, by turns, hilariously funny, deeply moving and highly enjoyable, regardless of how much you may or may not know about this particular ethnic tradition. Ticket line is: 0870 241 0136. And if you can make it today, you can say hello to me too.

Friday August 15

Tomorrow evening as the moon rises a glorious eclipse will take place. Even those who miss the spectacle will feel the influence. It will liberate something, end something, challenge and revive some hunger for adventure in your heart. If solar eclipses invite us all to rethink our idea about what's possible, lunar eclipses enable us all, in different ways, to overcome fears and negative emotions that have been holding us back. Over the coming weeks we will all go through experiences that allow us to move on.

Saturday August 16
Saturday Special

Every Saturday, I focus on the biggest single issue on your life at the moment. To read about what's happening to you, click on your sign above (or below).

Sunday August 17
Your Week Ahead

Eclipses always come in pairs. Though both have now come and gone, their aftermath has only just begun to reveal itself. Watch this week and you'll see history rewrite itself and the present redefine itself. No matter who you are or what you're going through, you're not in quite the position you thought you were. There's a new possibility now and, if you look, you'll see reason to feel hopeful, where before all you could see was reason to worry. Some situations may get worse before they get better, but all dramas now, must start a fresh, more encouraging chapter.

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