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August 18 2008 to August 24 2008

Monday August 18
Lunar eclipses

'An eclipse will influence you, whether you see it or not.' Last week, I had to explain this so often, I eventually began to doubt myself. On Saturday, though, I was heading for the roof of my 'Haunted' museum in York, hoping to glimpse the eclipse through impossibly thick cloud. Suddenly, I got a call. The alarm was sounding in that very building. A lamp had mysteriously fallen over. After the drama, I realised: Full Moons famously bring out spectres and poltergeists, Lunar Eclipses are Full Moons with knobs on. If unseen... naturally enough, they will influence... the unseen!

Tuesday August 19
Eclipse influences

I've been giving more thought to this question of whether you need to see an eclipse to be influenced by it. If that were true, all you'd need to do, to avoid the influence, would be shut your eyes! But while eclipses touch us all, they create a trail of places from which they can be seen most clearly. Political or social repercussions invariably arise along that line. The solar eclipse on August 1, for example, was chiefly total from Russia and from China. No sooner had it happened than suddenly, all the news was coming from these spots.

Many thanks to reader Mike Clements who captured this shot of the weekend's lunar eclipse from his home in the Western Isles of Scotland

Wednesday August 20

Several people have recently asked me about Nibiru, a 'theoretical planet' that is supposed to go slowly round the Sun from a great distance. According to the writer, Zechariah Sitchin, Nibiru is approaching the part of its orbit that brings it nearer to us. Once it appears in our sky, everything will change. I remain unconvinced by all this, but I must concede that a tiny, interesting new body has just been discovered. Named 2006 SQ372, it is following a 22,500-year orbit and is currently closer to the Sun than Neptune. If this can exist undiscovered, so can Nibiru.

Thursday August 21
A Spooky Tale

Dear Jonathan,

You recently said, 'Full Moons often bring out spectres or poltergeists'. Does that include seeing an apparition of your very much alive daughter who is downstairs? On the night of the eclipse, I woke abruptly from a dream and was sure I saw my daughter standing in my room. I jumped up and went to touch her and ask if she was okay - but touched nothing. Kind of scared, I went downstairs to find her asleep on the couch. She was in my dream prior to waking up, and she said I was in hers as well.


Friday August 22
Dreamworlds crossing...

Dear Jonathan,
Yesterday, you published a letter from Elle who had woken from a dream to 'see' her daughter, even though she was asleep downstairs. There is nothing spooky here. Their dreamworlds just crossed. We often visit each other when asleep. It is just rare for people to remember the details, and even more rare for someone to enter into physical life as an 'apparition'. Nevertheless, when there is an urgent message that needs to be conveyed, anything can and will happen. It is likely that Elle's daughter needs to tell her mother something important, possibly a secret.
Warm wishes, Gordana

Saturday August 23
Saturday Special

Last week, I told you about Jupiter, a planet you can see every night at the moment. This week, I want to talk about a planet you currently can't see. Saturn right now, is rising and setting with the sun. Nothing, apart from the Moon, is bright enough to appear during daylight and Saturn would never break that rule because it is the traditional planet of rules! Laws, and limits are Saturn's domain. Not just legal issues but natural laws too. Laws of physics, of time and of attraction! Capricorn and Aquarius are Saturn's signs. Both are big on commitment. And that makes sense, when you think about it... for Saturn is the only 'inner planet' that never stops wearing a giant ring!

Sunday August 24
Your Week Ahead

So far this month, we have been treated to some spectacular celestial displays. We've seen all the traditional planets and a powerful pair of eclipses. We've sailed on the good ship Earth through a sea of meteorites and seen them break up in our atmosphere as shooting stars. Next comes the pay-off for all these astrological omens... plus the incredible comet which we saw in the sky at the start of 2008. Never mind recession. Forget the fear of economic collapse. Here comes news about how we can all start to swiftly build a world that's more 'supportive of happiness' for just about everyone.

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