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August 25 2008 to August 31 2008

Monday August 25
A fairer future...

Since women were first given the vote, not so many decades ago, society has evolved. Still, though, men hold many key positions of authority. Strong planetary alignments insist this must change soon. Hillary Clinton has an exceptional horoscope. From her transits, it is clear she has a key role to play in redressing this imbalance. Some years ago, I noticed all this and made a prediction which I re-iterated in January. I put two and two together and made five. But I still foresee a dazzling career for Hillary and a fairer future for women, all over the world.

Tuesday August 26
Dream dentistry

Dear Jonathan,
I dreamed I was wearing a cloak in a sixteenth century inn. I had toothache and a wizard-like man said he could help (I recognised him, but couldn't think from where). He asked: 'What scared you when you were a child?' Then he yanked my tooth out! Later I read the paper. There you were - the wizard! For my sign you had written, 'Whatever scared you as a child, you can now let go of!'

Dear Laura,
I'm not aware that I do a psychic sideline in past life dream dentistry. But I suppose anything's possible!

Wednesday August 27
Group astrology

Hi Jonathan,
If you are working with several people in a venture will there be an astrological outlook for the group as a whole or must the outlook for each individual be positive before the project can succeed?

Dear Elly,
Wherever we see ourselves as belonging to a club, team society or institution, we allow the group's destiny to influence our own, at least to some extent. The group's horoscope is formed by casting a map of the sky for the time, date and place that it first officially formed... or ratified its constitution... or declared its name.

Thursday August 28

Dear Jonathan,
Nibiru was not a 'twelfth planet' 12th planet, as the writer, Zechariah Sitchin claims. Nibiru is an ancient word for 'crossing' and refers to the crossing of the present and former planes of planetary rotation which were deliberately re-oriented in 15,000 BC. I prove this in my book, The End of the Mystery, where I also explain how a former Sun was succeeded or eclipsed by our current Sun. The Moon was placed in our sky to commemorate that by its phases, which mimic an eclipse in eternal round.
Harry Dale Huffman

Dear Harry, Er... well... I suppose, if you say so...

Friday August 29
Can dream worlds cross...

One of your readers mentioned that dream worlds cross. Can the dreams of the dead cross with the living? I dreamed my deceased mother appeared in a room where she used to do sewing and mending. It was a room I know well. The fabric was still stacked where she left it. I impulsively reached out and the warmth of her hand was astonishing. She told me she'd come back to get some fabric. Then she just disappeared into thin air. When I checked that room, those bundles of fabric, were gone. Can any readers explain this?

Saturday August 30
Saturday Special

Today I want to show you an egg, lying on its side. Believe it or not, this represents the end of a mystery that has baffled the world's biggest brains since the dawn of time. Why don't the planets do exactly what you'd expect them to?
The Greeks, Egyptians and Babylonians all gave themselves a headache trying to work that out. A few even knew that the Sun, not the Earth, is at the centre of the action. The idea that this is a new idea is a daft idea. Still, though, some of their sums didn't add up. The thing that foxed them was the shape of the solar system. The planets, they all figured, must move in circles. Then along came Johannes Kepler in 1609. 'No!' he said. 'The solar system isn't circular. It's egg-shaped.' And he was right. Kepler, by the way, was a top-notch astrologer too. One day soon, I'll tell you about some of the predictions he made.

Sunday August 31

Jupiter changes direction this month. That won't, on its own, end the recession, but it will help. So, too, will the excitement surrounding the presidential election as it becomes clear that no matter who wins, brave and very different policies are going to be pursued by the US government in the future and these are likely to be welcomed worldwide. During the so-called 'good times' some people have hard times. During the so-called 'hard times' it is still possible to have good times. What times are these? Better times. And before the month is over, they may get better still.

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