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September 1 2008 to September 7 2008

Monday September 1
Not so bad...

If you want to appear successful, just convince people that they can't expect much from you. When you later manage mediocrity, you will be hailed as a genius. The British Chancellor says the economy is heading for a long recession. What does he achieve by saying this, other than to fulfil his own prophecy? Or does he secretly know that things are not so bad, and that he has, up his sleeve, a way to make them seem better. He is either woefully stupid or quite clever. My money (and yours, too) is on the latter.

Tuesday September 2
In advance...

This time next week, physicists will send the first particle beam round their Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. If that goes well, they will then start high energy beam collisions which, they say, could cause us to alter our whole understanding of time, space and the physical world. They also say it is even possible, once the experiment gets going, that time will speed up, slow down, stall or start running in reverse. That's why I mention the event in advance. If they are right, by next week, there may no longer be such a thing as "in advance!"

Wednesday September 3

Scientists plan to start particle beam collisions in Switzerland on Tuesday October 21. Top physicists are seriously discussing the possibility that this may create a "wrinkle in time". We may hurtle into tomorrow, catapult back to the past ... vanish into a black hole or spend the rest of forever frozen in a single moment. If this is really 'going to happen', and if all time is one time, then effectively, it has 'already happened'. Which may explain why we are all trying to carry on as normal, despite the fact that the world is getting weirder by the day!

Thursday September 4

The bible is a translation of a translation. It is full of confusing phrases. Take, for example, the book of John, "In the beginning was the word..." If time is endless, how can there ever have been a beginning. Surely it all goes round in circle. And what could that word have been? I do hope it wasn't Hadron. Scientists in Switzerland are about to switch on an expensive experiment designed to unleash, for the first time ever, the forces which they believe were present at the Big Bang! This enormous underground circle is called a Large Hadron Collider.

Friday September 5
Bending Time

For days now, I have been talking about the Large Hadron Collider that scientists are about to switch on it Switzerland. Will it really create a black hole, into which we all disappear? Well, if you ask a scientist, they will start a long sentence which contains the words "uncertainty" and "probability". Hardly a flat denial. They honestly don't know exactly what they are doing. Their prediction of the outcome is as good as mine. And mine is? They are about to unleash forces that will eventually make it a lot easier to bend or break the rules of time.

Saturday September 6
Saturday Special

People often ask me if you have to see the sky before you can be influenced by it. That's tricky. You are, for example, only supposed to wish on a shooting star if you can actually see one. But you can't stop the Full Moon from stirring up passion in your soul, just by wearing a blindfold. Indeed... come to think of it, that might well add to the excitement. Anyway, astrologers in this land often have long since learned to contend with cloudy skies. We use special books and computers to tell us what we would be seeing if only we could see it. This doesn't stop us from making accurate predictions. Soon, the Moon will grow full and we will all feel the rising tide of inner emotion, regardless of whether we look up, down... or just deep into the eyes of someone we love.

Sunday September 7
Your Week Ahead

Mercury and Venus are often close together in the sky. Normally, we see them in the twilight, following the Sun below the horizon. The two are together now and Mars is not far away, either. As with all astrological alignments, you don't have to be able to see this event in order to be influenced by it. No matter what sign you are, you will sense a surge of urgent energy soon. People with important conversations to hold or negotiations to organise, will make great progress. And for those born under Aries, Scorpio, Virgo, Gemini, Taurus and, most especially, Libra, it's a very powerful week.

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