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September 15 2008 to September 21 2008

Monday September 15
September's Full Moon

We've had a Full Moon all weekend. Normally, I draw attention to such matters, but on Friday, though I allowed it to inform the individual predictions, I got so caught up in the Hadron Collider that I clean forgot to mention it in this space! But then, that's the September Full Moon for you. It frequently brings a tight focus on some big issue. Whatever this turns out to be for each of us, we find we can think of little else. By tonight, the Moon will be past full and more of us will see a wider picture.

Tuesday September 16
The price of the Large Hadron Collider...

Dear Jonathan,
My mum is a retired nuclear physicist. She says you are right to focus on the way the Large Hadron Collider is likely to change the way we understand time. She doesn't, though, like the way you compared the cost of this experiment to the cost of helping the poor. She points out that the world wide web was created by people working on the CERN project in Switzerland so it has already helped change the world for the better. And the entire cost of this experiment is about the price of ONE advanced naval battleship! Thalia

Wednesday September 17

Do you recall how, when we were younger, we'd sometimes drink too much? We'd get terribly, shockingly ill. Even when we felt briefly better we couldn't be sure if we'd got it all out of our systems or whether there was more to come. Eventually, we'd fall asleep and wake with a hangover. And surprisingly swiftly, we'd be out and at it again. The global financial market has been long intoxicated on "toxic investments". There may be another dramatic detox to come very soon but then, as I predicted back in January, we will start to see a recovery.

Thursday September 18
Changing signs?

Dear Jonathan,
Is it possible to change so much that you become like someone born under a different sun sign?

Dear Rebecca,
That's tricky. On the one hand, people can change their nationality, sex or religion so why not their sign? On the other, few folk actually undergo such transformations. And on the third hand (the one I had grafted on specially for complicated arguments), our full horoscopes contain all twelve signs, each influencing a different aspect of our life. So none of us are entirely true to the characteristics of just one sign in the first place.

Friday September 19

Dear Jonathan, At the exact moment they turned on the Large Hadron Collider I began to hear a low mechanical hum. I have been hearing it ever since. Am I hearing the machine? Bonnie
Dear Bonnie,
I hope not.

Hello Jonathan, I have always thought of Gemini as the child of the zodiac but recently I have seen Aries referred to in that way. Can you tell me which signs are the grown-ups and which are the children? Andrew
Dear Andrew,
We are all children. But some of us are slightly better at pretending to be grown-ups.

Saturday September 20
Your Weekend

Sunday September 21
Your Week Ahead

Got a deal to clinch, a plan to pull off, an explanation to give, a trick to learn or a conversation to hold? Planning to go somewhere, get something, move on a project or push ahead with a brave idea? Mercury turns retrograde this week. That means it is stationary as we speak. So do it now, right now, as soon as possible... or be prepared to let it take a few weeks more. Delays and difficulties famously accompany such astrological conditions. But in so far as they force us to go over old ground and see the past in a new light, they are very positive times.

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