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January 21 2008 to January 27 2008

Monday January 21
Night of the Full Moon

I don't always mention Full and New Moons in this space. I sometimes simply take them into account in the predictions. Yet there are some things we can't be reminded about often enough. We forget life is short. We forget that we are suposed to be happy. We also forget that when Full Moon stress comes knocking, we are not obliged to let it in!

In Los Angeles, tomorrow, the Moon is full at 5.35am. In New York, it's 8.35am and in London, it is full at 1.35pm. As, in all these places, the Moon will be full before nightfall Tuesday, Monday night (tonight) is when you should be watching out for werewolves.

Want to make Full Moon magic linger longer? Get on your broomstick and fly to Australia. The Moon won't be full above Sydney till 0.35am, Wednesday morning.

Tuesday January 22
Full Moon in Leo

The Full Moon in Leo is called, depending on where you live, the Wolf Moon, Holiday Moon, Ice Moon, Cooking Moon, Moon of the Terrible or Quiet Moon. Now, here's a fascinating fact. If you were to drive to the Moon, at 70mph, it would take about 135 days. That's, presumably, without stopping. I don't suppose, though, there are many service stations along the way. Anyway, if you are planning to drive, set off soon - because each year, the Moon slips 1.5 inches away further from the Earth. The longer you wait the further you will have to travel.

Wednesday January 23
Fly me to the Moon...

One and a half inches per year may not sound a lot, but it means that when I was born, the Moon was 6ft 3in nearer to Earth. On average, that is. The Moon is not a fixed distance away. Anyway, harking back to yesterday's discussion about driving there, you'd need to allow for this and take plenty of petrol. A nice tartan blanket might be useful too. I know. I'm talking nonsense while the world is worrying about recession. But then, I have already made my prediction. What else can I add? Other, perhaps, than... relax!

Thursday January 24
Daydream Believer

I'm back now, from my imaginary drive to the Moon. On the way, I passed researchers, paying out a remarkably long measuring tape. They were being followed by a management committee, providing office functionality who, in turn, were chased by health and safety inspectors plus administrative teams...
Sorry. But in my profession, the time-honoured way to reach a clear vision of the future is via a journey of daydreaming. Anyway, while I was drifting, I took another look at the world economic situation. It's just as it was the last time I checked. Nasty. But over by August at the latest.

Friday January 25
A world of change

Yesterday, I said a daydream had inspired a prediction about the world economic outlook. Of course, though, I have also made a careful study of cosmic cycles. I'm still studying them. It keeps occurring to me that when the world last encountered recession it was a very different place. The pace of change has quickened. The internet has radically altered the way we trade and communicate. Asian economies 'matter' much more. The threat of climate change creates the need for immediate investment in environmental protection. Plus there's the influence of Comet Holmes. We'll see growth again, long before August.

Saturday January 26
Your Weekend

A spacecraft recently flew within 124 miles of Mercury. We can't get quite so close, but Mercury is still bright this weekend, low in the west at sunset. Look the opposite way and you'll see Mars, rising higher through the evening. By 8pm or so, Saturn also appears in the East. Right now, it is near the Moon. Insomniac? Find a clear low horizon at dawn and you can see Venus catch up with Jupiter to form a conjunction later this week. That's auspicious for lovers and may even soon send a ray of hope through the current clouds of economic gloom.

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